Micromedic Technologies

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Micromedic – a Unique Cluster of Cancer Diagnostic Solutions

Micromedic Technologies Ltd. specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative in vitro cancer diagnostic products and solutions. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art technologies involving gene expressionbiomarker and histochemical assays for early cancer detection and personalized medicine.
Micromedic offers proprietary diagnostic solutions for multiple cancer diagnostic applications, providing practical answers to real unmet needs.

CellDetect is an innovative staining platform which relies on both color and morphology to differentiate between normal and cancer cells in cytology specimens.

Using a proprietary plant extract and generic dyes, CellDetect colors the nuclei of suspicious cells in reddish-purple, supporting the morphological analysis.

Applicable to  urine specimens, the technology conveniently applies standard laboratory processes and equipment for manual and automated slide staining.

Brands: CellDetect is an innovative staining platform which relies on both color and morphology to differentiate between normal and cancer cells in cytology specimens.