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Protect your investment and reduce O&M costs with WindTC!

With 38+ years of transient torque experience, AeroTorque introduced innovative products to control transient loads in Wind in 2010. The WindTC has shown a remarkable ability to limit drivetrain damage by reducing oscillations & reversals through 5+ years of field installations. 

Current research shows transient loads as a major cause of premature failure. Acting as a force multiplier, the WindTC can also improve the performance of other turbine upgrades.

Ask about our "Double Your Warranty" program, where you can gain even more protection to your new bearings!

Brands: AeroTorque offers the WindTC torsional control to reduce the effects of damaging transients. It also offers the WindTM monitoring system to know the torque loads in your turbines & in your conditions!


  • WindTC
    Designed as a drop-in improvement, the WindTC removes torque spikes from the drive train and prevents damage. It eliminates damaging drive train wind-up before it can occur. Don’t wait, protect your investment before damage costs you big money later....

  • AS a proactive solution, the WindTC removes harsh torque spikes from the drivetrain and prevents damage.  No other product can offer that! Unlike any other frictional coupling, it prevents torsional reversals from causing impact loads and sliding from occurring in the bearings.  Axial cracking and other premature bearing failures can be significantly reduced or eliminated by the damping of these shock loads. 

    The advantages of the WindTC have been proven in the field for over 5 years, with significant life-extension of expensive gearboxes.  Current models cover most turbines from 600kw to 2.3 MW.  With a return on investment in as little as 12 months, let us show you how our engineering-based ROI can be adapted to your site’s specifics. 

    Don’t wait for damage to occur, protect your investment before it costs you big money later!

  • Double Your Warranty
    Double your Warranty! Only AeroTorque offers to double the warranty of any new bearings installed at the time of a WindTC installation....

  • What if your Warranty was doubled? Many of our customers install WindTC at the same time as they replace bearings, gearboxes or generators. This is a great time to protect these new investments so you do not have to do these expensive repairs again in the future.

    We are so confident in the ability of WindTC to eliminate severe transient loads that we will double* your new OEM bearing warranty! Who else warranties someone else’s product?  Prevent the damage and double your warranty - only from AeroTorque!

    *See AeroTorque for terms and exclusions