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Metabolomic Technologies Inc (MTI) is an Edmonton, AB, Canada based company focused on the development of metabolomics-based diagnostics in the healthcare market. Formed from a research program at the University of Alberta, Drs. Haili Wang and Richard Fedorak were interested in using metabolomics to explore how colorectal cancer, a leading cause of cancer deaths in North America but curable if identified early, affected cellular metabolism. MTI's flagship product, PolypDx™, is the first and only urine diagnostic test to detect adenomatous (precancerous) polyps, and advances the prevention of colorectal cancer. Through a partnership with Atlantic Diagnostic Laboratories, LLC, PolypDx™ is now available in 12 US states.


  • PolypDx™
    PolypDx™ is a non-invasive urine based screening test to detect adenomatous polyps, the precursor to colorectal cancer....

  • PolypDx™ is a metabolomics based screening test designed for high-throughput screening intended for individuals at average (50-74 years of age) to moderate (40+ with a positive family history) risk for colorectal cancer. Validated in a clinical trial of nearly 1,000 patients and designed to detect adenomatous polyps, this urine test is more sensitive than current fecal based screening tests and can be adjusted for sensitivity and specificity to maximize outcomes. PolypDx™ is run on an LC/MS/MS platform with minimal preprocessing of the urine samples and each test can be performed in under 3 mins. Standard urine protocols and containers ensure that collection, transport and storage of the samples take advantage of established resources. Supported by a customized software program, analysis and report generation is intended for speedy integration into the laboratory workflow. MTI provides excellent customer care and is ready to assist in streamlining PolypDx™ for maximum efficiency and throughput.

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