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  • Evention Cash Recycling
    See how this solution streamlines employee responsibilities, saves time, and shrinks operational costs! Evention Cash Recycling replaces manual cash counting, bank audits, & spreadsheet reconciliation with comprehensive automation....

  • Evention Cash Recycling provides complete, accurate, and transparent employee banking. This innovative solution benefits both cashier employees, as well as the management team.

    Cashier Employee Benefits:

    • Dispenses a fresh till mix to employees at the start of every shift
    • Receives Cash Drops from sales—No Drop Envelopes necessary!
    • Distributes Change and Duebacks for employees at any time—No longer requiring this manual task

    Management Benefits:

    • Tracks all cash, providing Management with knowledge of where all cash is at any time
    • Auto-Reconciles against the POS/PMS
    • Eliminates House Bank Vaults, Drop Envelopes, and Audits
    • Significantly reduces the House Float and Courier Fees
    • Automatically counts Daily Drops—the General Cashier no longer needs to worry about this!
  • Self Service Tip Outs by Evention
    Self Service Tip Outs by Evention simplifies the process for Tip Outs and guarantees total tip compliance for IRS and internal audit regulations....

  • Did you know that many hotels are unknowingly non-compliant with IRS tip requirements? Recent updates to IRS Tip Reporting Guidelines require hotels to report Service Charge as Wages, and not as Tips. 

    Evention created Self Service Tip Outs to eliminate the industry-wide challenges that hotels face in working to comply with these IRS and internal audit regulations.

    The majority of POS systems do not offer the functionality for a hotel associate to identify whether the “Tip Out” is a Service Charge or a Charged Tip. The POS systems often record this transaction as Charged Tips, the defaulted category within the program. To comply, hotels are left with manual processes and even paper tip-sheets to work around these limitations.

    Cue Self Service Tip Outs by Evention! This solution not only guarantees complete tip compliance, but also simplifies the tip out process for both cashier employees and management.  

    Cashier employees make the tip outs themselves and management simply balances and approves tip out transactions. Using this straightfoward and easy-to-navigate solution, employees make tip outs to either a pool or an individual employee and identify the transaction as either a service charge or a charged tip.

    Comprehensive tracking and workflows provide the management team with detailed reports and verification.

    Self Service Tip Outs by Evention solves the industry-wide challenge of IRS tip compliance and simplifies operations for management and cashier employees.