Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 2012


  • Vexilor
    Vexilor Focused Vexilor is a cloud-based agile POS system powered by Givex. Using operational efficiencies, embedded marketing, and actionable data, Vexilor helps businesses unleash their full potential....

  • Vexilor is the POS system developed by Givex, which utilizes the power of the same cloud based platform currently processing data in over 300,000 installations in 55 countries worldwide. Vexilor was born from the need of enterprise businesses frustrated with Legacy POS systems that were unable to adapt quick enough to the increasing need for smart customer engagement programs, and more efficient operations. Combine that with the increased demand by CEOs for relevant data that can be used to instantly understand, predict and generate actionable insights for the company, and it’s easy to see why Vexilor continues its success globally.
  • Gift Card
    A Givex gift card can be made to function as a coupon, a quick pay card, a loyalty card & more. Our platform can enable multiple features so you can customize your gift card offering. You can count on Givex’s stability and robust feature set...

  • Givex manages the entire process as your gift card provider, from gift card processing to gift card production & fulfillment.It’s easy for you to start a gift card program tailored to your needs. We handle billions in transactions each year across our global network of data centers & operate in over 50 countries worldwide. As gift cards bring in more sales & provide transaction data gives businesses a better understanding of their customers, their needs may change, but they can continue depending on Givex’s smart products to meet objectives. New revenue sources from online gift card sales & the corporate incentive market Promotional capability to drive customer traffic using coupons & Campaign Manager Innovations such as mobile wallet apps
  • Loyalty
    Givex loyalty programs help you collect customer data, mine it to identify your best customers and their habits, and give you the incentives to encourage further spending and enduring loyalty....

  • Most of a company’s revenue comes from its loyal, repeat customers. But many companies know very little about them, much less what powers their loyalty or how to bring them back if they take their business to a competitor. Depending on your needs, a Givex loyalty program can be as simple as a points-earning mechanism added to your existing gift card program, or as sophisticated as a mobile app that that ties together location check-ins, email campaigns and exclusive vacations.