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United States
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  • HQ revenue
    HQ revenue is a cloud-based software solution that supports hotels in getting an accurate picture of their major distribution channels in real-time, while monitoring the competitors' room rates, tracking information about events, conferences and fairs....

  • High-yield periods and periods of low demand are identified at an early stage and can therefore be optimized by using a dynamic pricing strategy or call for action by your marketing and sales department. The user-friendly interface combined with precise real-time data enables executives to make quick decisions, which allows revenue growth, more profit and customer-oriented value for money.

    The fast pace of todays markets require a hotel marketing and sales strategy to be dynamic. The focus on direct sales, under the consistent use of relevant market information about events and reviews, lead to greater revenue and profit. In order to obtain competitive prices and a maximum occupancy in times of strong demand and weak demand, you need market information in real-time. Strong demand periods due to events, trade fairs and conferences, as well as seasonal predictable periods such as public holidays and vacation periods are sold at a higher price on your hotel’s own website. Therefore, a permanent overview of all relevant high-yield dates is necessary. It is absolutely important to use the provided information about events and to exploit them on your own website.