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  • Informant CAS
    Designed as a call accounting solution for the hospitality industry, Informant CAS captures Call Detail Records (CDR) from PBX systems to report usage, costs and activity....

  • Informant CAS is a hospitality and business-focused call accounting software solution. Users in the hospitality industry have the ability to monitor and track calls made internally and externally. The solution also enables the property front desk to bill both local and international calls made from guest phones to a guest's folio.

    Key Features:

    • Traffic analysis - identify peak hours and usage during peak times

    • Staff monitoring - measure and monitor staff productivity through specific intelligence reporting

    • Abuse and misuse detection - receive notifications of inappropriate telephone use by staff through customizable alarms

    • Historic call archive - utilize call reporting and searchable archive of historical call data

    • Carrier bill reconciliation - perform carrier bill reconciliation in minutes

    • Cost allocation - review organizational call detail reports for staff and departments

  • Parallax
    Parallax provides features and functionality required by the hotel industry, including extensive integration with all leading hotel property management systems (PMS)....

  • Parallax adds specific functions required by the hotel industry to your voice communications platform. These capabilities include integration of hotel property management systems with guest room phones to manage guest check in/out, setting of wake up calls, collection of information on room cleanliness and the passing of information to the PMS.

    Key Features:

    • Integration with PMS
    • Capabilities such as check-in, check-out, room move and room swap directly from the hotel property management system
    • Real-time caller ID from the property management system
    • Apply and release calling restrictions to guest room phones
    • Automated wake-up calls
    • Set, delete and modify wake-up calls using the Parallax interface
    • Set and override do not disturb
    • Reporting features for wake-up calls, do not disturb, and housekeeping
  • Precision Voicemail
    Precision VM is a voice mailbox platform designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

  • Precision VM is a voice mailbox that moves with the guest by utilizing key features such as room moves, room swaps and access your mailbox on the go. 

    Additional Key Features:

    • Message archiving and forwarding
    • Customizable greetings
    • Multi-language and locale support
    • Mailbox creation and deletion upon guest check-in and check-out
    • Voicemail archive upon guest check-out
    • Voicemail broadcast services
    • Voicemail broadcast services based on group
    • Access voice mail off-premises 
    • IVR (AutoAttendant)
  • Frequency PBX
    Frequency PBX is an affordable Internet Protocol (IP) phone system designed specifically for the
    hospitality industry....

  • FREQUENCY PBX is an affordable IP phone system designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Unlike other telephony systems, FREQUENCY allows you to select customized packages and enables unified communications between voice services and other network-based applications.

    Property Benefits & Usage

    • Room status & housekeeping functions
    • PMS integration
    • PRECISION voice mail included - guest & staff voice messaging with web interface
    • SIP trunk compatible
    • Nonproprietary architecture
    • Feature-rich call accounting with analytical reports
    • Conference bridge for staff users
    • Multilingual wake-up calls with snooze feature
    • Applications - group, personalization & loyalty, service, flight status, promotional & informational
    • On-site restaurants & service applications

    FREQUENCY was built with you in mind and with hospitality as a core focus.

  • Latitude
    Latitude is the latest advancement in mobile applications for the hospitality industry....

  • Latitude is the latest advancement in mobile applications for the hospitality industry. Latitude allows properties to reach their guests – before, during and even after their stay – through a customized mobile platform. Latitude seamlessly integrates with your current system and can be used as an extension of your property’s digital signage – just one of the many ways Latitude can increase your revenue!

    Latitude's fully customizable design enables you to develop your property’s mobile application exactly the way you want it to look & function. Our á la carte model allows you to pay for only what you want & need. With Latitude , you can personalize a guest’s stay – or guests can personalize their own stay!

    Property staff is able to send & respond to messages from guests. Latitude allows you to send push & group notifications to guests as well as additional mobile marketing features.

    Easy-to-use interface, worldwide 24/7/365 usability, simple integration with 3rd party systems are just a few of Latitude's  features. Update your messages & images at property level, manage room controls & improve energy efficiency!

    Stay informed & up-to-date by tracking your guest’s preferences & account history. Allow guests to check-in/out & change reservations prior to their stay.

  • Frequency Operator
    FREQUENCY OPERATOR, by Percipia, allows you to view specific activity on your PBX through your web browser, such as who is on a call, length of calls, which calls are on hold, calls in queue, and much more....

  • Whether you’re a receptionist, supervising a call center, or an end user, Frequency Operator has features that will boost efficiency and keep you organized. This web-based software is ideal for virtual call centers. It is accessible via individual user logins, with an administrator controlling permissions for each user. In addition, it allows for multiple plugins, enabling you to customize/expand Frequency Operator to suit your needs.

    • Transfer
    • Record calls
    • Listen & Whisper
    • Manage/listen to voicemail
    • Visual Phonebook
    • Caller ID & Timer
    • Call history
    • View held calls & presence information
    • Mute/Unmute member​
    • Invite external numbers​
    • Pickup parked calls​
    • Privacy option