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  • Jupiter
    Jupiter is the complete hotel management system, a one stop solution for your hotel to manage all you needs and attract more revenue. The unique thing about Jupiter is - one world one price.
    All you need is, discuss your needs and go live quickly....

  • Jupiter, a cloud based Complete Hotel Management System you can access from any part of the world!
    We believe in simple yet very comprehensive solution which is a product of our 50+ years of collective experience in the hospitality domain. We don't belive on complicated price structure, hidden costs, add on prices etc. All below comes with no extra cost

    Key Features
    •    Cloud based SAAS solution with quick go live
    •    Property Management System
    •    Seamless online inventory distribution
    •    Responsive integrated booking engine or Free brand Website
    •    Array of payment gateways integrated
    •    Multi-currency & Multilingual support
    •    Mass email marketing tool
    •    Customer support and live chat
    •    Restaurant POS
    •    Inventory management
    •    Intelligent dynamic reporting
    •    Easy data migration
    •    The most cost efficient solution ever with higher ROI

    Why to go with Jupiter?

    • We promise, our prices would be much lower than what exists in market. We have been developing various hospitality solutions from more than 10 years now and we are aware how much it actually costs to run such system.

    • No long term contract, no setup fee.

    • Pre-launch offer – Just tell us about your requirement now and we will make sure we are fulfilling those when we launch the Jupiter. Being part of pre-launch offer, you would be getting first 3 months completely free.

    • Are you using existing System & worried about your data migration to Jupiter? Don’t worry, we will make sure your all data gets transferred to Jupiter with no additional cost.