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  • 321-Backup Reliable Data Backup Technology
    One of the most difficult tasks in an enterprise is monitoring backup jobs across your entire company. 321-Backup® solves this problem by starting with a cloud-based architecture that is designed to scale and securely backs data up....

  • With 321-Backup there are no buttons to click, it just works. The last thing you need is a complex or unreliable solution. 321-Backup® provides affordable, reliable, cloud backup that is simple to use and that you can trust.

    • Affordable, powerful and scalable. 
    • We offer custom packages that are right-size solutions for you
    • Simple web based interface
    • Offsite cloud backup - in the event of a security threat, data is protected and can be retrieved with ease
    • Peace of mind assurance that your business won't suffer data loss

  • AssuredSecurity Managed PC Security Service
    Thinix AssuredSecurity combines a number of security steps into a single managed service, making endpoint PCs far more secure. By taking this holistic approach AssuredSecurity saves users money and hassle for updates/patches....

  • Simply put, AssuredSecurity provides a higher level of security at a lower cost than businesses would be able to achieve using traditional means. Thinix AssuredSecurity allows corporate IT departments to accomplish the proverbial 'do more with less.' 

    Thinix AssuredSecurity is designed to be installed on a broad range of systems, from office computers to government and critical business systems. A single installer is required for onboarding. However, Thinix engineers work with customers to identify individual requirements.

    Thinix AssuredSecurity can also be combined with other Thinix products like Managed Firewalls, Managed WiFi, RocketFailover and 321-Backup to help protect other parts of the network.

  • Thinix Business Center PCs & Guest Use Computers
    Thinix kiosks and workstations provide safe and secure internet and office program access for users. Available in both PC and Apple iMac form factors, systems use advanced security software to safeguard user privacy and ensure reliable operation....

  • Systems are fully backed by Thinix’s GuestFirst™ support team, who provide technical support and proactive software updates. Thinix is proud to have achieved an impressive milestone of 100,000,000 hours of uptime without any notable security breaches or incidents. In order to achieve this level of excellence, Thinix has developed best-in-class security software over the last ten years and combined that with an enthusiasm for deploying patches and software updates.

    • Beautiful Design: Thinix Guest-Use PCs utilize artist-designed interfaces designed for customers with the highest level of standards.
    • Fully Branded:  Every Thinix PC is branded (at no extra charge) for the hotel or business it is located at, with interfaces that are optimized for each customer’s logo.
    • Integrated Security: computers are "locked down" - meaning they are highly secure and incredibly reliable. Each time a user session ends, the computer is cleaned for the next user.
    • Privacy Protection: Thinix All-Clear™ securely deletes browsing history and files. This means a safe experience for all of your users. Integrated session and inactivity timers initiate a system clean-up if the guest leaves without ending their session.
    • Expert Support: Thinix has a fully in-house team of developers and technicians that are available to handle any issues.

  • Thinix Managed Guest WiFi
    Thinix Managed WiFi provides a superior Internet experience with enterprise-grade gateways, lighting-fast dual-band access points, cloud monitoring and 24/7 technical support....

  • Thinix’s guest WiFi solutions are designed to work extremely reliably in hospitality environments. This means they handle a large number of users and make connecting to the network simple. When compared to industry averages, hotel guests with Thinix-managed WiFi have 90% less issues connecting to the WiFi. Because less guests have issues, more are likely to provide positive reviews in surveys and review websites. Better reviews help properties maximize profits.

    • Brand Standard Terms & Conditions Splash Page
    • Hardware Upgrade Program
    • Large Scalability for the Internet of Things
    • Brand standard In-Room Instructions
    • Real time Network Monitoring
    • 24/7/365 U.S. Based Help Desk Support
    • Network Security and Segmentation
    • Whole Property Roaming
    • Easy to Deploy with Plug-N-Play Upgrades
    • Detailed Per User Tracking & Reporting
    • Automatic Report Generation

  • Thinix Managed Firewalls
    Thinix provides enterprise-class, fully managed firewall solutions with multi-price plans designed to meet the needs of small businesses. By delivering full-strength threat management to safeguard intellectual property, data, confidential records & more....

  • Powerful security services that boost protection in critical attack areas include URL filtering, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention, and more. By partnering with leading technology providers, Thinix is able to integrate best-of-breed security components into one UTM platform for stronger security at big cost saving prices.

    Thinix is a leading provider of network management and support services in retail operations with over 10,000 networks and devices under management.

  • Thinix RocketFailover Backup Internet
    RocketFailover includes a fully-managed backup internet connection over 4G/LTE, an automatic failover hardware appliance, 4G/LTE data service, and 24/7/365 monitoring and support....

  • Thinix RocketFailover provides everything you need to add a backup internet connection. When your primary internet connection fails, traffic is automatically rerouted to your backup connection and alerts are sent to you so you know to contact your ISP.

    • With a Live-In-Five mentality, RocketFailover can be deployed and running in under five minutes. 
    • Real-time monitoring and alerts eliminate internet downtime to keep your business up and running 24/7/365.
    • Seamless connectivity means that employees will remain productive and customers happy.