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  • BirchStreet eProcurement
    BirchStreet eProcurement solution automates the purchasing process to control risks and costs, while connecting with over 400,000 suppliers world-wide on demand. Increase profits and efficiency with cloud automation....

  • BirchStreet eProcurement improves supply chain management by electronically connecting our clients to their suppliers with accurate real-time pricing. With online electronic purchase orders, requisitions, requests for quotes, receiving and punch-out interfaces, business is accomplished faster and more efficiently. Checkbook Drilldown is the most detailed checkbook reporting tool available, and provides line item detail to all purchasing records in advance of a purchase or after a purchase. Advanced approval workflow lets clients determine the exact process for approvals in the system. With BirchStreet, users get instant visibility, business intelligence, reporting and analysis. BirchStreet simplifies the complexity of procurement and help customers increase profit and efficiency.


    •     Electronic Purchase Orders

    •     Electronic Requisitions

    •     Online Request for Quote

    •     Online Receiving

    •     Online Catalogs

    •     Supplier Facing Portal

    - Punch-Out Interfaces

    - Adopted Suppliers

    - Supplier-on-the-Fly

    •     Checkbook Drilldown

    •     Advanced Workflow Approvals

    •     Analytics / Data Warehouse

  • BirchStreet AP 3-Way Auto-Matching
    Using innovative and advanced budgeting tools, BirchStreet AP 3-Way Auto-Matching streamlines procurement and accounting functions, providing time and cost savings, compliance, accuracy, visibility, control and accountability....

  • AP 3-Way Auto-Matching module integrates clients’ AP and ERP systems with eProcurement to form an end-to-end procure-to-pay solution. The integrations with suppliers, ERP systems, AP systems and eInvoicing systems are developed and managed by in-house experts to effectively streamline and support centralized AP operations. The 3-Way Auto-Matching process automatically matches invoice data to the purchase order and receiving data. If the “match” is within the tolerance levels set by customer, the “approved for payment” voucher transmits into the AP system, saving time, money, and improving accuracy.


    • eInvoice Capture
    • eInvoice Interface from Suppliers
    • OCR Scanning
    • Paper Quick Entry Screen
    • PO-Flip                           
    • Auto-Matching
    • Non-PO Invoice Processing
    • AP Invoice Screen
    • Credit Memo Entry
    • Document Management
    • Payment Portal
    • AP Interface to Back-Office Accounting
    • Vendor Codes In
    • Payment Vouchers / Invoices Out
  • BirchStreet Inventory Control
    BirchStreet Inventory Control increases compliance, productivity, accuracy and efficiency with on demand cloud-based procure-to-pay software. Inventory can be used, transferred, replenished, planned and tracked....

  • BirchStreet Inventory Control application tracks and costs perpetual inventory at any number of storeroom locations with real-time information. It is seamlessly integrated with all modules. Inventory Control also integrates with BirchStreet’s Checkbook Drilldown feature to charge outlets upon fulfillment/take inventory to track true food costs by outlet. Customers can set par values for items with color codes to alert users at low levels. Automated PO generation for inventory replenishment can be selected. Access levels and access to storeroom locations can be created for individual users. AccuBar, a leading component of the BirchStreet solution, offers cloud-based beverage inventory system for the hospitality industry. The seamlessly integrated platform provides business increased visibility, compliance and accuracy into procurement and inventory processes.


    • Storeroom Requisitions
    • Requisition Lists
    • Fulfillment / Issues
    • Plan Purchases
    • Replenishment POs
    • Multiple Costing Methods
    • Unlimited Storeroom Locations
    • Transfers
    • Mobile Barcode Scanners and Take Inventory
    • Par Values
    • Perpetual Inventory with POS integration
    • Alerts
  • BirchStreet Recipe Management System
    Recipe Management System helps food operations control margins, real-time food costs and consistency across multiple locations while easily connecting and managing suppliers....

  • With multiple locations, food operators often struggle with managing costs and creating a high level of brand consistency. BirchStreet solves these issues and more by leveraging its cloud-based online ingredient library, which links to supplier catalogs for real-time food costs for accurate recipe costing. The functionality allows for recipe creation, what if analysis, nutrition calculation, allergen & intolerance reporting and the ability to publish and share recipes across locations. Recipe scaling provides accurate numbers for larger or smaller groups with dish and menu set up. Once a recipe is built, it connects directly to requisition and inventory. Recipe pads using tablets or PCs enhance efficiency, ease of use & space. Controlling costs with POS integration and production reporting can increase profitability.


    • Online Ingredient Library
    • Recipe Creation
    • Nutrition Calculation
    • Allergens & Intolerances
    • Dish and Menu Setup
    • What If Analysis
    • Recipe Scaling
    • Publish & Share Recipes
    • Recipe Pad
    • Recipe Costing
    • Recipe to Requisition to Inventory
    • Production Reporting
    • POS integration for menu engineering and cost control
    • Integration with suppliers
  • BirchStreet Capital Projects
    The Capital Projects module offers users an easy way to manage projects & renovations. The system is a valuable business process improvement tool to increase profitability with ability to track spending and budgets for all capital expenditures....

  • BirchStreet Capital Projects allows users to improve the management, tracking, budget and spend analysis of any type of capital expenditure project or renovation. Project attributes, alerts and updates are maintained within the system. Supplier RFQs and bids can be submitted and tracked. Once a project is initiated, the system will account for all items purchased and link it to the project for real-time budgets and project status. Capital Projects integrates directly into BirchStreet’s complete procure-to-pay applications.


    •     Create Projects

    •     Define project attributes (start, end dates, etc.)

    •     Route projects through budgeting approval workflow

    •     Automatic project lifecycle status updates

    •     Route project documents through approval workflow

    •     Submit bids/RFQs & obtain responses from project vendors

    •     Log purchase orders, receipts and invoices against a project

    •     Track costs against CapEx Department and GL accounts

    •     Project status tracking, budgeting and spend reports

    •     Integrated with eProcurement and AP Automation

  • BirchStreet Executive Dashboards
    The BirchStreet Executive Dashboard suite includes Spend Visibility, Compliance and Data Management Services to provide businesses valuable insight into locational spend, purchasing compliance rates and cost reduction areas....

  • Business intelligence and analytics are a necessity for enterprise companies who strive to operate at maximum efficiency and profit. Spend analytics that incorporate visibility and compliance data to executive level decision makers help them achieve these goals. BirchStreet’s intuitive dashboards show what your money is spent on while increasing compliance by flagging the right supplier and right product. This is especially important if you are using large suppliers or a Group Purchasing Organization that can utilize purchasing power with program discounts and rebates. In addition, managing data for a large organization can be cumbersome, so let BirchStreet’s Data Management Services team help you focus on your customers while we take care of the data.


    Compliance Dashboard

    • Easy to use and customized dashboard with fields such as period, region, brand, manager, total spend and non-compliance items
    • Color-coded compliant spend reporting shows compliance levels >90%+, >80%+ and <80%
    • Drilldown functionality into product details, compliance activity and purchasing data by supplier
    • Tool to create “Rules” and item mapping
    • Recommendations by Position

    Spend Visibility Dashboard

    • View spend category amounts and percentages to better evaluate suppliers, price breaks, incentives, discounts and more
    • Drilldown into product or service category data with accurate spend tied to POs and invoices
    • Reporting