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  • Broadvine
    Broadvine delivers Reporting, Forecasting, Labor, and Expense Management in a Software-as-a-Service application to help hotel management companies drive profitability in hotels....

  • Broadvine's application consists of four modules which can be licensed together or independently - Reporting, Forecasting (Budgeting), Expense, and Labor.  The Reporting module serves as the foundation and provides over 100 standard reports as well as the ability to create your own or customize reports and dashboards.  Reports can be run on-demand, scheduled, and emailed to subscribers at pre-determined times.  Data from PMS, GSS, STR, and other sources is normalized and able to be viewed across properties - providing easy comparisons and analysis.  Daily Flash reports and End-of-Month reports are included with this module.  

    The Forecasting module provides driver-based budgeting and forecasting solutions that dramatically increase the accuracy of forecasts as well as reduce the time associated with creating and modifying the forecasts throughout the year.  This module provides expansive P&L reports as well as other specialized reports including Trailing 12 and comparison from Same Day Last Year.  

    The Labor module expands reporting functionality to include time and attendance based data - providing an easy way to view and track labor expenses by department or job code.  Reports and dashboards highlight variances to budgets and forecasts, providing an easy way to manage labor costs.

    The Expense module is an Account Payable workflow engine to expedite and automate the invoice submission and approval process. Invoice images are digitally stored in the application to enable collaboration between approvers in different locations and to provide a substantial audit trail.  Mailing costs associated with invoice approvals are eliminated and time associated with reviewing and processing invoices is greatly reduced.  The application integrates with the accounting module to simplify payment and provide real-time information on invoice status, including payment information.

    Broadvine's modules are designed to work together to provide a complete enterprise applicaiton for hotel profitability.  With data integrity, user based permissions, and an easy to use interface, managers on property and in the corporate office are able to collaborate and drive efficiencies throughout the portfolio.