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ADB's Business TV solutions are built on 20 years of continuous development and innovation, delivering advanced TV solutions for businesses across cable, satellite, IPTV and now over-the-top (OTT) services. We provide solutions that meet today’s complex hospitality TV demands, marrying global TV, interactive media, and IP connectivity to enable a better in-room customer experience,

ADB's hospitality solution is one of the top five most deployed hospitality interactive TV solutions globally and the second most deployed platform in the US.  Our technologies power TV content and services delivery in over 250,000 US guestrooms, across the industry’s leading brands.

ADB is Connecting Lives and Connecting Worlds with innovative software solutions and managed services for business TV, personal TV, broadband and the Internet of Things (IoT). We understand how multimedia convergence is changing consumer consumption and driving demand for powerful, flexible and cost-effective connectivity and services.

Brands: vuTyme, vuCaster, DVR-Lite


Overview of the vuTyme IRE TV Solution

 Press Releases

  • ADB will host the HITEC Opening Night Party on Monday at 6:30 p.m. Full registration attendees are invited to kick-off the premier hotel technology show at the Muzik™ Event Centre, located at 15 Saskatchewan Road.

    “We hope everyone attending HITEC will be our guests at the HITEC Opening Night Party on Monday night,” said Chris Dinallo, ADB chief technology officer and general manager, Americas Business TV. “During this time, we hope you will meet our team, celebrate your own technology accomplishments, and enjoy the best in Canadian hospitality.

  • ADB will showcase vuTyme 4.4, a robust In-Room Entertainment System packed with scalable features supporting all hotel tiers, from economy to luxury. vuTyme 4.4 is fully customizable and contains three choices of User Interface, enabling hoteliers to apply their unique branding guidelines to unify the look and feel for guests. Each feature-set contains advertising campaigns, digital signage, and local/hotel program channels. Other highlighted features include vuTyme screencasting (using ADB's vuCaster solution based on Google Chromecast) and DVR Lite (embedded in ADB's set-back-box hardware).

    “With vuTyme, ADB continues to raise the bar on the possibilities of what an in-room entertainment system can and should offer,” said Chris Dinallo, ADB chief technology officer and general manager, Americas Business TV. “We built vuTyme in 2011 as a solution that would transcend the typical in-room TV viewing experience. Today, vuTyme continues to be digital based, agnostic to video transport and delivery, and built to lower the total cost of ownership. It also streamlines transaction-based processing to enable hoteliers to create new services and revenue-generating capabilities. vuTyme 4.4 is nothing less than what we intended many years ago.”


  • vuCaster Mobile Screencasting
    As part of the vuTyme In Room Entertainment Experience, ADB offers vuCaster. This is a component feature, based on Google Chromecast, that allows guests to stream a wide array of OTT content from cast-aware applications on their mobile devices to the TV....

  • Simple, Useful, and Fun!

    ADB is proud to add vuCaster to its award winning iTV product vuTyme. vuTyme is an interactive business TV solution widely deployed to hotels, healthcare facilities, and other property types throughout the US. Within seconds, guests can activate vuCaster on the vuTyme-enabled TV and use their smart phones, tablets, and PCs to mirror or “cast” application content to their in-room TV.

    Treat Your Guests!

    Guests of all types will enjoy the option to stream content from their mobile device from an amazing array of “cast-aware” applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, premium content providers, and many more. Guests can also stream their personal photos, videos, and music to the TV as well - very useful for touring families and in-room gatherings. Once streaming begins, guests can return to their mobile device to use email, send texts, and perform all other functions on the device without interrupting the streamed content.

    When done using vuCaster, guests can easily return to vuTyme to watch HD TV, VOD, or use the many property-specific interactive features delivered by vuTyme.

  • vuTyme DVR Lite
    ADB has long incorporated DVR Lite™ into its set-back-boxes (SBBs). With DVR Lite™, guests simply pause live TV and return to watch the program at a later time, very handy in environments when guests wish to leave the room or take a break....

  • The basic operation of DVR Lite™ works as follows:

    1. DVR Lite is enabled in the vuTyme management software for a specific property.
    2. The ADB SBB contains a tamper-proof slot with an SDHC card inserted. This card is used to store live TV content, and it will record as much live TV as supported by the capacity of the card (from hours to many hours).
    3. Guests use the hospitality remote control to pause live TV. Then, they press Play when they return from a break to continue watching the program.
    4. Guests also use the FFW and RRW buttons as desired, to skip commercials or review previous content for example.

    Other Highlights:

    1. DVR Lite™ uses vuTyme Smart Memory Technology which includes ADB’s patented SDHC longevity algorithms. This increases the life-cycle of the SDHC card and saves operational costs over time.
    2. DVR Lite™ is “content-safe.” It uses 3DES to encrypt recorded content and marries the SDHC card to a specific SBB. Therefore, the card cannot be removed and used in another SBB, PC, or anything else.
    3. The SDHC card is auto-formatted upon card insertion.
    4. DVR Lite™ is “user safe” in that it deletes previously recorded content on channel change and all recorded content is erased at checkout time.
  • vuTyme Guest Room Entertainment - Interactive TV
    vuTyme is an end-to-end solution for the delivery of a wide variety video, linear TV, and interactive guest services to hospitality properties. vuTyme is a proven solution, widely deployed in the US (and internationally) to all property tiers....

  • vuTyme is the best way to engage your guests!

    Below is a summary of features:

    General Technical:

    1. Your choice of video content formats (OTA, OTT, QAM/RF, IP, HLS, HTML5, etc.)
    2. Your choice of property wiring (cable/RF, fiber, ethernet, wireless)
    3. Your choice of video content provider (satellite, cable, telco/broadband)
    4. Supports locally inserted video content
    5. No on-premises equipment
    6. Granular feature control (box, room, area, etc.)
    7. New: LG SmartTV support (no SBB), LG SBB support

    General Features:

    1. Fully customizable HD channel line-ups, can be granularly applied (specific TV, room, area, or overall property)
    2. interactive guide, and video-on-demand
    3. Customizable branding & multiple UI designs
    4. DVR-Lite - pause live TV
    5. vuCaster - stream OTT content from your mobile device
    6. Supports multiple remote controls including pillow speaker RCs for healthcare
    7. Integrated multi-language features
    8. Multiple PMS brand integrations (guest folio view, check-out, personalization, and many more interactive fetures)
    9. Targeted messaging and advertising
    10. Enhanced emergency alerting
    11. Elegant UIs and IPG navigation, programs and VOD search
    12. Digital signage
    13. A variety of concierge services including news and weather, local attractions with interactive map, hotel compendiums, hotel surveys and result metrics