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    EVOLVE® - Powered by Android TV™ with Chromecast built-in...

  • A New Era in
    Guest Entertainment

    Introducing EVOLVE®, the ultimate in-room entertainment solution personalized by guest content. Powered by Android TV™ with Chromecast built-in, EVOLVE® lets guests easily watch live TV, access thousands of popular apps, and stream the music, movies, and shows they love to their hotel TV.

    Designed around modern viewing habits, EVOLVE® pairs live TV  with streamed content for the ultimate entertainment experience. 
    Today’s guests want simple and effortless entertainment.

    Chromecast Built-In: Stream from iOS, Android™, or Windows smart device.

    Google Play: Unlimited movies, music and games with 1,000's of apps.

    Genre-Based Filters: Sort by sports, news, shows, movies, family, and locals.

    Picture-in-Picture Previews: Live preview of what's on, no more tuning in to reruns or commercials.

    Program Highlights: Synopses, ratings, season and  episode numbers, and more.

    A brilliant new solution for the hospitality industry, the revolutionary SMARTBOX® is designed for your entire property portfolio, delivering energy efficiency and flexibility while requiring less space.

  • scalable: smart and slightly bigger than a microwave. 

    Powerful enough to support any size property, the compact SMARTBOX® converts up to 96 satellite-delivered TV channels into any in-hotel distribution network, including coaxial, ethernet and fiber.

    manageable: enterprise-grade TV service management system.     

    SMARTBOX® has integrated a wireless modem that connects to DISH’s secure private backbone network. DISH system integrators will use the network for real-time system health monitoring and remote management.

    adaptable: install today, thrive tomorrow.

    SMARTBOX® can be easily reconfigured to meet future property expansions, system developments and network innovations with just the switch of a blade.

    reliable: guests will never know if a component fails.

    Should mechanical issues occur, SMARTBOX® 24/7 backups allow service to continue without disrupting your guests’ TV experience.

    total cost of ownership: economical meets energy efficient

    SMARTBOX® consumes 90% less power than the current platform. The system also operates in temperatures up to 122°F, eliminating the need for expensive cooling systems.