CTR Manufacturing Industries Limited

Pune, Maharashtra, 
  • Booth: 417

Established in 1964,  market leaders in the manufacture & marketing of Electrical and Electronic products & devices with manufacturing facilities at Pune, Aurangabad & Nasik in India, supported by Regional & after sales service offices nationwide & Associates worldwide. ISO 9001 Certified.

Explosion Prevention & Fire Extinguishing System : Installed on Transformers upto 765kV class; over 5000 systems in operation worldwide

Intank Onload Tapchangers : Manufacture upto 765kV class, over 10000 operating worldwide

Flange Mounted Onload Tapchangers : Over 80000 operating worldwide

Brands: Nitrogen Injection Explosion Prevention&Fire Extinguishing System for Transformers&Reactors, Flange Mounted (Ontank)&Intank Onload Tapchanger,Transformer Radiators,Capacitors, Handling Equipment.