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VIP Code

Share your customizable Exhibitor VIP Code PDF with your customers and invite them to join you on the show floor- FOR FREE

What you do:

  • Click on the image above and download the PDF
  • Enter your VIP Code, company name, booth number (code was emailed to your primary booth contact)
  • Email it to your contacts, post on your website, include in your newsletters or send out by mail
  • Track who has redeemed your code in your Exhibitor Registration Portal - a great way to see who to set up meetings with at IFAI Expo 2017 

What your customers do:

  • Go to the attendee-specific registration link here: http://ifaiexpo.com/login/ 
  • Enter the VIP Code you provided them at the beginning of the process to redeem their FREE Trade Show Only registration
    • Your guests will enter the code in the first box at the top of the online registration form


  • The code MUST be used at the time of registration and cannot be applied retroactively
  • The VIP Code is redeemable for free Trade Show Only registrations
    • Your customers will have the option to upgrade their registration if they are interested in any additional events or education
  • Your code has unlimited uses so send them to as many customers as you want!

Be sure to distribute your VIP Code soon and often ... registration is now open!

Questions? Contact Jennifer AR Fisher at jarfisher@ifai.com


Questions? Contact Katie Stuart, IFAI Exhibit Coordinator  |  kastuart@ifai.com  |  +1 651 225 6983