IHI Corporation 

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IHI contributes to ITS solutions utilizing its technology.

IHI Corporation, established in 1853, is a leading company in the heavy industry sector of Japan. IHI is proactively engaged in R&D into light application technology for an ITS area. The 3D Laser Radar system (3DLR) from IHI has been developed as a highly-accurate object detection system and is getting a lot more attention as one of a core roadside sensor to enhance the safety around intersections. Unlike image sensors, the 3DLR’s detection capabilities are unaffected by both bad weather conditions and poor lighting due to its utilization of pulse laser radar technology. In real-time it instantly identifies the vehicle, bike or pedestrian and chases the movement of the object within a designated observation area. In Japan and Singapore, the 3DLR is being used as a driving safety support system and a possible key component of future smart junctions such as traffic flow control, traffic violation detection, and autonomous vehicle driving support system.

Brands: IHI’s 3D Laser Radar detects the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in real time, to realize “Smart Junction”.