Institute for Information Industry

Taipei City, 
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On 17th May 1979, Executive Yuan passed the “Proposal on Science and Technology Development” in its 1663 Grand Meeting, resolving to incorporate a non-governmental organization— “Institute for Information Industry” (“III”) through the joint efforts of public and private sectors. 

Over the past 30 plus years, III has taken part in planning and promoting public policies related to information industry. It has contributed to the pioneer research and development in information and communication technology, the deepening and broadening of information applications,the training and education of talents in this field and the participation in building infrastructure for national information technology. 


Introduction of SNSI
Founded in 2004, the Smart Network System Institute (firstly named the Networks and Multimedia Institute under the Institute for Information Industry, III) aims to develop services inspired by the needs of consumers, and provide those that meet the needs of users. 

SNSI spares no efforts to create innovative services and applications in various fields, ranging from the wireless broadband, smart living, energy information and communication technology, service-oriented mobile network devices, and telematics. By offering these integrated technologies, SNSI would like to construct the infrastructure of networks and smart living for the next generation, creating ubiquitous smart living space in our life. 


SNSI has long been dedicated into developing advanced information and communication technologies and plays a leading role in several research fields in Taiwan. 

  • Sensor Network and Intelligent Energy: Zigbee, PLC, Sensor Network Integration and Management, Client Energy Management, AMI, Demand and Supply Management, and LED Smart Lighting
  • Digital Convergence: Hybrid TV Service, Android Platform, and 3D Multimedia Wireless Broadband Communication System: LTE Protocol, LTE Microcell, and 4G/B4G Key Intellectual Property
  • Telematics: Multi-communication AVL, Remote Device Management, Vehicle Dispatch System, Precise Positioning and Navigation, and integrated traffic information and value-added applications
  • Develop IoT(Internet of Things) technologies and solutions that are competitive in the international market.
  • Lead partners from the industry to develop safe, low-carbon, energy saving, and convenient smart living applications and service solutions.
  • Propel Taiwan to the global stage as an IoT solution provider, demonstrating its capability and experience. 

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