ITS Deutschland

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Welcome to ITS Deutschland!

ITS Deutschland bundles nationwide interests in the field of transport and mobility in order to represent them internationally. Key topics are the facilitation of research and development, the introduction and further development of intelligent transport systems leading to increasing traffic safety and to improve mobility and efficiency on managing the ever-growing traffic. In the end, the aim is to exhaust the potential of intelligent transport systems in order to facilitate the intermodal transport of persons and goods in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.

Objectives and tasks

1. Public orientated activities in the field of intelligent transport systems in order to increase traffic safety and to ensure sustainable mobility, as well as the efficient usage of the already existing and future mobility services in the field of individual and public passenger transport.

2. Improvement of multimodality by connecting mobility offers and mobility information services in order to affect mobility patterns in a sustainable way.

3. Encouraging networking of all mobility services and mobility information services.

4. Increasing public awareness on the need of intelligent mobility systems in order to ensure sustainable mobility. This is linked to the big tasks of our future: Climate change, demographic change, energy and transport cost development and more.

5. Establishing a network of representatives out of industry, science and administration on a national and international level, leading to bundling of competences, exchange of experiences and to strategies for the advancement of intelligent transport systems.

6. Cooperation and support of the local ITS organisations provided by the exchange of information, usage of networks and corporate activities.

7. Supporting the German representation at the ITS Nationals and representing the national interests towards other ITS communities in the European Union as well as towards other ITS communities outside Europe.

8. Promotion of basic and advanced education in the field of intelligent transport systems.