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Welcome to our common Nordic Corner to meet ITS experts, service providers and policy makers from Finland. Our representatives come from the ministry, public agencies, academic institutions and naturally from private companies. 

Ministry of Transport and Communications 

Finnish Transport Agency 

Finnish Transport Safety Agency 


MaaS Global Ltd. is bringing into reality the concept of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. MaaS Global aspires to upgrade the service level of transportation by joining together public and private transportation providers. Collaboration and integration of services will create a seamless and compelling travel experience for everyone, locally and globally. 

Imagine if all your daily travel needs would be covered, with one simple app, with one simple payment – directly from your mobile. Travel as much as you like with a flat fee, or pay-as-you-go, with buses, trains, taxis, cars and more - MaaS provides you the ultimate way to move around. Our revolutionary mobile app, Whim, liberates people from timetables, fixed routes, parking worries and the high costs of owning a car. Born out of a need to be spontaneous, it gives people access to a huge variety of transport options. A Whim subscription means true freedom of mobility. 

Shareit Blox Car 

Shareit Blox Car is an affordable, easy and most importantly safe peer-to-peer car sharing service. With our matchmaking platform we bring traditional car providers face to face with consumers and peer-to-peer cars. We handle the payment process and make it easy for you to earn just by being listed. Shareit Blox Car is a car-share aggregator and an integral part of MaaS.


Sito is a multitalented company in the field of infrastructure, traffic solutions, logistics, land use, environment and digital services. More than 500 experts offer high-quality services at 10 different locationsThrough our productized, regional or municipality-specific digital cloud services, we improve the maintenance of the basic registers, zoning, building control, and related services provided by municipalities’ technical offices, the management of infrastructure property, as well as mobility and transport services. We advance the smart use of the transport system by combining our strong information technology and traffic know-how. Our smart traffic services combine our versatile traffic expertise with Sito’s strong data service provision.

Vionice Ltd

Vionice Ltd is an information technology company specialized in computer vision and digital signal processing. Our passion is to enhance processes by using computer vision, especially in areas where there has previously been no means for further improvement. We believe that the world is full of processes, professions, and fields where an application of computer vision can provide cost benefits, improve efficiency or provide a higher quality.

From the Nordic corner you will find out how we are seeing the future of mobility in Finland, and how we are working together using the PPPP-philosophy. You may be surprised how the vision of Mobility as a Service becomes a reality in Finland. And how many new players in different levels are involved in this new way of thinking transportation.


Brands: Brands: Mobility as a Service, Large Test Sites including Arctic Testing, NordicWay, Aurora, Autonomous Buses in City Streets, New Open Sharing Concepts, Open Data, Code, Platforms and People.