ITS Japan

Tokyo,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: 709

ITS Japan is a private sector, non-profit organization.

ITS Japan Activities

*International Cooperation; Co-sponsoring ITS World Congress Liaison with ITS related organizations

*Cooperation in Asia-Pacific; Co-Sponsoring Asia-Pacific ITS forums Liaison with ITS related organizations

*Domestic Cooperation; Liaison with ITS related organizations government offices, related organizations, industry and private business corporations

*Public Relations; Promoting regional ITS nation wide( Forums, Seminars, Model Deployment) ITS information services via internet web Supporting ITS related exhibitions

*Member Services; Hosting conferences Hosting study sessions Publishing reports and newsletters Providing information on internet

*Support Activities for Global Standardization; PR activities for global standardization of ITS Support activities for building up ITS database

*Research Programs; Contract research on ITS Independent research on ITS

Brands: ITS Japan is composed of industries across the industrial sectors, academia across the research areas, ITS system operators and general public represented by automobile federation.