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Nicander is a specialist UK-based software systems company that delivers a range of ITS solutions from simple desktop applications for mobile phones, variable message signing and fault management systems through to complex IT systems for effective regional and national transport information and control. Nicander is a private limited company based in NE England and our Integrated Management System is certified to ISO9001:2008/ISO27001:2013.

Nicander work with many different technologies from databases, expert systems, geographical information systems and networking to telephony, smart devices and camera systems.

We work with Transport Authorities and prime contractors around the World, delivering award winning solutions that:

•    transform network operations, personal and business mobility
•    deliver major improvements in safety, reduce delays and environmental impact of traffic
•    place our clients at the leading edge of transportation management technology solutions


curo360 Logo v1Nicander’s curo360 product suite offers a fully scalable and configurable information management system. It provides the building blocks from which modules can be integrated and configured to support your operational needs and deliver your goals, objectives and outcomes.  It connects systems and sensors to provide a holistic management view and supports effective data exchange to support informed decision making and improved management services. Clients can utilise one, more, or all of the modules below making curo360, a flexible solution which can be used on a local, regional or national basis.

  • curoEvent – an incident and event management product offering solutions for intuitive, effective and safe traffic control
  • curoAsset – an Asset Management product offering a web map view.  Assists with inspections, asset valuation and monitoring
  • curoFault – a web interface and mobile app makes the monitoring and management of faults easy
  • curoResource – management of human resources and a help to operational teams
  • curoService – works order/task management
  • curoReport – report management – payment calculations, warranty management, KPIs, journey times
  • curoPredict – data analytics, modelling and forecasting

curo360 – A 360 Degree View
curo360 delivers a fully integrated information management system which can be ‘plugged in’ to legacy schemes providing a 360 degree, super-supervisor, view over all features. This multi-layered system balances different types of objectives across organisations and radically improves the outputs of information management services.

By integrating subsystems and devices into a single platform, curo360 is able to unify the way information is managed.   Creating a single view enables operators and managers to effectively manage tasks providing users with high levels of decision support.

It delivers information focused on the specific user’s needs through dashboard and reporting services and provides a comprehensive decision support facility, bringing information from multiple systems together into a single platform and tool.   The automation of many services allows users and managers to better monitor and control assets and systems , and deliver information to all parties.  curo360 optimises the use of client configuration to enable specific business processes and operational procedures to be easily defined and changed.