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Vector as a partner in Car2x development.

Vector can support you in Car2x/V2X development, based on its many years of experience with development and measurement tools for communication systems in vehicles and mature software components.
CANoe, the proven development tool for simulation, monitoring and testing, now supports radio communication based on WLAN IEEE 802.11p. As a user you benefit from:

  • Parallel processing of WLAN with CAN, FlexRay, Ethernet and others. This allows you to link the internal vehicle communication with external communication (to/from roadside units and other vehicles).
  • Display, logging and filtering of WLAN frames
  • Interpretation of different protocols such as GeoNetworking, Security Header and (defined in ASN.1) application messages
  • Interactive sending of packets via the WLAN Packet Builder
  • Program-controlled sending and receiving of packets by means of CAPL, including:
    • Access to the various protocol fields
    • DER/BER and PER encoding and decoding of application messages
    • Generation and checking of time stamps
    • Signing of packets in Tx direction and authentication of received packets

This lets you create simulations and test setups.

Brands: CANoe.Car2x - Develop, simulate and test embedded systems with WLAN CANalyzer.Car2x - Analysis of embedded systems with WLAN