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ITS Total Solution & Video Surveillance System

[Product Information]

1. UERON Smart Plug

"Smart Plug" is a small device that looks like a network router. It monitors and manages all the conditions of electricity that flows through the ITS equipments in a cabinet. It also enables to reduce waste of electric power.

It detects electrical leakage, over current, smoke, arc, and spark, which may cause electrical hazards. These abnormal conditions are reported to management center through real time network. Each power connected to ITS equipments (CCTV, variable messaging system, bus information terminal, etc) can be turned on/off remotely using network, which enables to reduce waste of power.

It also provides basic informations like power factor, voltage and current as well as real-time power consumption and total power consumption information.

2. UERON Multi-lane ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) System

Multi-lane ANPR recognizes number-plates of running vehicles on 2 ~ 4 lanes simultaneously using one camera.

2 lane ANPR : 95% (Average. Tested at dawn, day, dusk, night)

3 lane ANPR : 91.1% (Day time), 93.9%(Night time)

4 lane ANPR : 87.4% (Day time), 88.4%(Night time)

Test and development is still ongoing to improve recognition rate.

Brands: UERON Smart Plug UERON ANPR System