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EarthX Lithium Batteries

Windsor,  CO 
United States
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Made in the USA with battery management system for quality!

EarthX is the #1 brand for technology and innovation and they are built in the USA!. Quality, performance and safety are included in every battery! These exclusive features in the ETX series are:  a fully integrated battery management system to protect the cells from over discharge, (#1 killer of all batteries and will void the warranty on any competitors brand) , over charge protection, short circuit protection, excessive cranking protection (heat) and built in cell balancing technology so you do not have to use a special lithium charger! Any charger that does not have a desulphate mode, will not charge above 14.6V, and turns off when charging is complete is compatible with an EarthX battery!

As a testament to the quality, EarthX has many experimental aircraft manufacturers that use the ETX Hundred series plus has the endorsement of the top producing engines manufacturers too. The aircraft market demands quality and safety and EarthX is the leader in this industry.

So if you want a quality battery for your EARTH bound vehicle or one that takes to the sky, there is no other with the exclusive features EarthX brings to the market!

Brands: ETX, ETZ, ETX Hundred Series available, Portable jump packs, charger

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  • The newest addition to the EarthX battery line up is the ETZ5G, designed as a huge upgrade for the stock lithium batteries that come in the KTM's, and Husqvarna's with almost TRIPLE the cranking power and in the exact same small physical size! This battery is also great for the dirt biker who wants power and weight loss as this little guy is just over 1 pound!

    Dimensions: 90mm x 50mm x 90mm

    PCA: 240

    Weight: 1.1 pound (.52Kg)

    Cost: $139


  • ETX Series, ETZ series and the ETX Hundred Series
    Starter lithium batteries that are extremely light (80% less than a lead acid) and very powerful! The only battery with a fully integrated battery management system to ensure the performance, reliability and safety of the battery....

  • The key advantages of an EarthX lithium battery over a lead acid batteries are;

    • Light-weight — 70-80% less weight
    • Long Service Life — Up to 4000 charge / discharge cycles (~3-8 years), over 4 times the life of a lead-acid battery
    • Longer Storage Life – due to extremely low self-discharge rate, no need for charging in the off-season
    • Environmentally Friendly — non-toxic, non-contaminating, lead free and no hazardous materials
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range (-30 C–+60C) — lithium batteries are dry cell technology and will not freeze
    • Fast Charge — can be fully charged in less than a half hour
    • Maintenance Free
    • No Special Mounting Direction
    • Safety and Reliability — internal cells are continually monitored by an integrated battery management system

    The key advantages of Earthx lithium batteries over competitors lithium batteries;

    • Battery management system included inside every ETX battery to protect from over discharge, over charge, cell balancing, short circuit and excessive cranking protection.
    • All our products are engineered in the USA
    • Our batteries are assembled, engineered and designed in the USA using US and foreign components.
    • No expensive balancing charger needed.
    • Flexible battery connection — our batteries can be used in either left or right side polarity applications. You also have the option to connect the battery leads directly to your vehicle.
    • Quality – We test all our batteries to industry standards (SAE, UL, CE).
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