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Kibblewhite Precision Machining Inc

Pacifica,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 1938

Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc.(KPMI®) manufactures and distributes an extensive line of Valvetrain and select Tools & Components for the motorsports industry, worldwide. The KPMI® product brand coverage include: Harley Davidson, Sport Bikes, Dirt Bikes, ATV/UTV, Tourers, Cruisers, Customs and Classics. KPMI® will also custom manufacturer parts to your specifications. For more information, please contact Kibblewhite Precision Machining, Inc. e-mail or


  • New Components for Honda® CRF™ 250R 2016-2017
    Kit Includes:
    • Springs, Titanium Retainers, H.T. Steel Basewashers, and Red Viton® Seals...

  • Since 1938, KPMI® has taken great pride in our ability to design innovative Performance improvements, valvetrains. This innovative ability has never been more apparent than with the development of the high tech lightweight racing valve spring kits, the incredibly stressed and torturous environment in today's high revving 4-stroke engines.
    The challenge to engineer a valvetrain that would outPerform OEM systems, that in some cases included titanium components, was not an easy one. This task would require the concentrated efforts of every member of KPMI®'s design team. It was apparent early on that an OEM style spring with a bit more pressure was not going to be the complete answer, these engines. Working together as a team enabled KPMI® to evolve with a "unified system" approach. In fact, these innovative High-Performance Lightweight Spring Kit, would not only outPerform factory parts but outlive them as well. reach KPMI® spring kit is designed, its specific application, taking into account several critical parameters including; cam profiles, harmonics, a natural frequency of the springs, valvetrain mass, required pressure, wire stress, fatigue life, and engine rpm, just to name a few! Today KPMI® proudly offers complete High-Performance lightweight valve spring kits, a host of applications.

    To learn more about this Kibblewhite® lightweight racing kit and other valvetrain related components,  go to Honda® CRF 250R 2016-2017 Components Section

  • Swing Arm Bushings for Various Honda® Applications
    Material: Bearing Bronze
    Quantity : 1 Pr....

  • • Replaces worn or damaged plastic O.E.M. bushing
    • High quality bearing bronze offers increased durability and better fitment compared to O.E.M.
    • O.E.M. P/N: 52108-457-300 & 52108-422-300

    To learn more about this Kibblewhite® New Swing Arm Bushings for the various models, go to

    CB360 1974 / CB360G 1974 / CB360T 1975-1976 
    CB400F 1975-1977 / CB450K7 1974 / CB500T 1975-1976 
    CB550F 1975-1977 / CB550K 1976-1978 / CB650 1979 
    CB750 1969-1975 / CB750A 1976-1978 / CB750F 1975-1979
    CB750K 1976-1979 / CB750L 1979 / CBX 1979
    CJ360T 1976-1977 / CL360 1974-1975 / CL450K6 1974
    CR250M 1973-1975 / MR250 1976 / XL175 1973-1978
    XL250 1976 / XL350 1976-1978

  • Piston/ Spring Kit Ifor Yamaha® YZ25F 2014-'16
    Kit Includes:
    • Piston, Rings, Clips and Pin
    • Top End Gasket Kit by Cometic
    • KPMI® S.S. Black Diamond™ Valves, Stock Head Dia.
    • Dual Spring Titanium Retainer Spring Kit, Which Allows for 0.395” In. and 0.370” Ex. Valve Lift...

  • In order to maximize compression, the valve reliefs in the piston are purposely convex and match the geometry of the dishes in the valves. The conversion to Black Diamond™ Stainless Steel Valves offers up to double the life over stock Titanium valves without a loss in performance.

    To learn more about other Kibblewhite® Yamaha® parts, go to our Yamaha® YZ250F  2014-2016 Section​

  • Turbo & Racing Spring Kit for Polaris® RZR/Ranger
    Kit Includes:
    • Springs, H.T. Steel Retainers, H.T. Steel Basewashers, and Red Viton® Seals...

  • KPMI® performance valve spring kits are modeled using cam profile and simulation software's. By utilizing FEA software, it was possible to take advantage of the increased strength and wear resistance of a heat treated steel retainer, while reducing its mass to within grams of a comparable titanium retainer. With two different spring pressure option kits to choose from, these are the ultimate setup for any Polaris RZR/Ranger tuner.

    To learn more about this Kibblewhite® New H.T. Steel Retainers for the various models, go to

    Polaris® RZR XP900 2011-2012

    Polaris® RZR 900 2013-2014

    Polaris® Ranger XP900 2013-2014

    Polaris® RZR XP1000 2014

  • Beehive Spring Kits & Components for HD® M8 2007
    Kit Includes:
    • Ovate Wire Beehive Spring, H.T. Steel or Titanium Retainers, H.T. Steel Basewashers...

  • By taking advantage of the latest development in valve spring wire chemistry and manufacturing techniques, KPMI® has developed ovate wire Beehive style springs that will live and Perform at a high level in Harley Davidson applications. By coupling these developments with strict KPMI® design protocols and employing multiple design, simulation, and FEA analysis software, we were we able to overcome the torsional stresses unique to ovate wire springs that previously severely limited their operating parameters. KPMI® Beehive Springs are progressively wound using Kobe Super-Clean chrome silicon based wire that is heat treated and shot peened. KPMI® uses its tightly toleranced, FEA designed hardened Titanium and H.T. Steel retainers in these applications to ensure correct assembly height and resist keeper pull through. The hardened steel basewashers included in these kits are designed to locate the spring and control lateral movement.

    To learn more about this Kibblewhite® beehive valve spring kits and other valvetrain related components for the Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight, go to Harley-Davidson ® Milwaukee-Eight Components Section. 


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