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Oasis Scientific Inc.

Taylors,  SC 
United States
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We help you see better with innovative technologies

Oasis Scientific Inc. (Vividia Technologies) is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative, high quality and affordable products such as inspection cameras, digital microscopes, borescopes, videoscopes, multi-purpose, and special cameras to help you see. We serve wide ranges of industries, markets and institutions.   ​
Vividia, extend your vision!

Brands: Borescopes, inspection cameras, videoscopes, microscopes, magnifiers. Our 180 degree articulating Ablescopes are ideal tools to inspection engines and other hard to see areas.

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  • Vividia Ablescope VA-980 Articulating Borescope
    Vividia Ablescope VA-980 Borescope has semi-rigid cable, which can be molded with hand to different shape and keep it. VA-980 has bright LED lights, 8.5mm cable camera and it can be used to look into dark places.


  • Vividia Ablescope VA-980 is the semi-rigid model of a family of Vivdia Ablescope USB articulating borescopes. 

    The VA-980 is around 1 meter long (3 ft). The tube is gooseneck like metal tube with plastic coating. You can change the shape and hold it.  

    Vividia Ablescope VA-980 Semi-Flexible Digital Inspection Camera Borescope has long semi-rigid cable, which can be molded with hand to different shape and keep it. VA-980 has bright LED lights, 8.5mm cable camera and it can be used to look into dark places. VA-980 can be connected to PC, Mac, Android devices.

  • Vividia HM-250 LCD/HDMI/USB Digital Microscope
    Vividia HM-250 HDMI/LCD/USB/TV digital microscope is a very convenient microscope for many applications: education, hobby, PCB inspection....

  • Product Description: 

    Vividia HM-250 HDMI/USB/LCD/TV 1080P HD Digital Microscope provides 1080p video output directly to a monitor or TV through HDMI cable or Video-out cable. Optimization of glass lens and high quality image sensor gives us very good image quality and fast response speed without delay when viewed on a screen. HM-250 LCD/HDMI/USB/TV microscope is suitable to be used by students, teachers, collectors, hobbyists, and, operators, quality control technician, craftsman, testers etc to explore the microscopic world.

    Technical Specification: 

    Display:                       2.4-inch LCD

    Magnification Ratio:    10x to 220x

    Image sensor:              3 Mega Pixels

    Photo size:                  3M, 5M, 8M, 12M

    Video size:                  1080P, 720P, VGA

    Video output:              HDMI/TV/USB/LCD Screen

    Focus Range:               Manual focus from 10mm to 50mm

    Storage:                      Micro-SD card, up to 32G

    Measurement:              Yes, when working as a USB microscope

    Light source:                 6 LED (adjustable by control wheel)

    Power source:              Built-in Li-ion Battery or 5V DC-in

    Size:                            110mm (H) x 80mm (L) x 55mm (W)

    Weight:                        0.32 lb
  • Vividia Ablescope VA-400 Articulating Borescope
    VA-400 Rigid Borescope is ideal for detailed visual inspection in hard-to-reach places such as car engines with 180 Degree articulation 8.5mm diameter steel probe and 6 bright LED lights. ​...

  • Product Description

    Connect this borescope to your computer or tablet (optional, sold separately) with attached USB cable to perform a detailed visual inspection in hard-to-reach areas. The 180 degree articulating 8.5mm diameter probe offers a panoramic view of the area being inspected. With 0.3M pixels CMOS sensor, and six built-in LEDs for illumination, this product allows you to view images, take standard photos, and record videos. This borescope is designed for the inspection of the carbon residue inside of cylinder especially the surface of the intake valve. It is perfect for 'looking backside' after the scope goes into a narrow space.


    ·    Articulation bendable angle: 0° to 180° continuously adjustable. You can inspect the back side of a closed dark compartment
    ·    Very easy to operate: just push down the release button by bending the thumb to adjust the articulation angle
    ·    The articulation angle can be locked/unlocked at any degree by opening/closing the locker
    ·    Very small bending radius: 30mm
    ·    Illumination: 6 white LED lights built-in
    ·    High resolution image with CMOS sensor
    ·    Focal Distance: 4cm – 40cm, fixed focus 
    ·    Power supply: by USB port of PC or 7 inch tablet with Android system (sold separately)

    Technical Details

    ·    Sensor: high-quality CMOS sensor
    ·    Still Image Resolution: 640x480 pixels
         - Format: JPG
    ·    Video Resolution: 640x480 pixels
         - Format: AVI
         - Frame Rate: 30FPS
    ·    Optical lens view angle: 60°
    ·    Probe diameter: 8.5mm
    ·    Probe length: 42cm (16.5”)
    ·    PC Interface: USB 2.0
    ·    USB Cable Length: 200cm
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