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OptionSoft Technologies

Clifton Park,  NY 
United States
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Compliant Software for up to 50% Less.

OptionSoft provides custom technology for PowerSport dealers offering solutions for Sales, F&I, Service and Management.  Our unique skillset allows us to create intelligent software solutions that fit each dealer/situation, rather than having a fixed program that dealers must bend to fit. Cuppling cutting edge technology with the experience (over a century) of in-dealership sales and management, our service solves real problems with positive outcomes that can be measured in sales, gross profit, PVR and absorption.  Using live and on-line training and support, our team can help increase sales, gross, penetration, PVR and service income while providing the right software to enable dealers to monitor progress accurately.  To see all of our products and have them demonstrated for you, join us in booth 1541.  In addition we provide support and training to ensure your dealership can move the needle, make customers happier and be 100% compliant.

Stop by the booth and discover show savings on products that will make your dealership more effective and profitable immediately.  We offer an industry first complete suite of software designed specifically for PowerSports.

Brands: OptionSoft Menu - Sales Desking Tool - Service Drive Solution - DMS Reporting for single and multi-location dealers.

 Show Specials

  • (Feb 12, 2018)

    All dealers attending this year's AIM Expo in Las Vegas can try our F&I Menu and Sales Desking Platform for 60 days.  This includes full use of the software, complete training and support and BONUS Reporting Software to measure performance.  There is no risk or obligation.  Just stop by Booth #1541 in the "Made in America" section of the exhibit hall and let us analyze what you're doing now.  After we chat, we'll show you how the software works and then set up a 60 day trial period for you and your managers to use our software as you see fit.

    Using the Option Soft menu and desking process can take a novice manager and make them rock stars. This system works immediately rather than taking time to get used to. We are very happy with results. 

    Brian Moen

    Big Sky Harley

    So stop by booth #1541 and see why we're becoming the dominant source for PowerSport specific software.

 Press Releases

  • OptionSoft Announces PowerSport Specific Software

    Now, powersport dealers have their own unique menu and software.  OptionSoft has redesigned our sales desking tool to account for the unique needs of powersport dealers. For example, some states charge different sales tax on accessories whether they are installed at one rate or taken separately at another rate.  Our desking accounts for this as a line item.  Our desking tool also reads and communicates with our menu so that dealers who are not usinga DMS can still have software that makes them totally compliant while aiding sales and finance to maximize profits.  Adding our CRM means that even smaller locations can have the latest technology at an affordable monthly price.

    OptionSoft provides a full suite of products specifically designed for retail powersport operations.  They fully integrate with Lightspeed as well as being able to provide full software service to dealers without the need for a DMS.  This means that locations that are smaller can be set up and operate at the same level as multi-franchised large organizations, but the real benefit is that they can do it on a very small budget.

  • What is it like to be a Harley dealer in Montana in the dead of winter?  For 17 years Brian Moen has been just that with his two stores, Big Sky Harley and Copper Canyon Harley.  Now, even in winter his income is on the rise thanks to OptionSoft's Sales Desking and F&I menu software.  Coupled with the training that OTI provides and the commitment from all managers to use the software, the numbers are reaching max potential.

    Using the Option Soft menu and desking process can take a novice manager and make them rock stars. This system works immediately rather than taking time to get used to. We are very happy with results. 

    Brian Moen

    Big Sky Harley

    While the numbers are beyond amazing, you'll have to ask Brian how good they are.  All we can say at OptionSoft is that we're glad to have Brian and Big Sky on board.

    To see a complete demo, email or stop by booth 1541 at this year's AIM expo.


  • Menu/Sales Desking/CRM Suite
    Whether you use a DMS or not, OptionSoft now provides the software you need to increase sales, profits, F&I and be compliant as well. This is done at a cost far lower than any other software company offering one-stop solutions....

  • For dealers who are serious about complaince, they no longer forced to follow rules at the cost of profits.  Our software coupled with a state of the art process and training can raise profits an average of 20% across the board while eliminating redundant software costs or reducing current expenses.

    The sales desking tool offers management a solution to the back and forth transaction that customers hate.  It provides a way to protect higher gross and faster times betwen greeting and closing the deal which customers really like.  Sales people are able to stay with the customer a lot longer which builds rapport and prevents buyer remorse while they step away.  And, for dealers not using F&I, aftersell products can be introduced during the sale.

    Once a deal is complete, it can be sent directly to the menu to insure complete accuracy throughout the entire deal.  Then, with the right products, the F&I manager can click and rate making sure the right coverage for each unit sold.  Then the products can be presented quickly professionally.  In less than 30 minutes every product can be presented, sold and billed.  This means a higher penetration with products, higher PVR and because of speed, happier customers.

    To tie it all together, the CRM is a way to manage your customers from initial sale to service to repeat buy.  It will tell your sales team when they should be contacting sold and even unsold prospects and what message should be delivered.  You can use your own data to create and execute marketing campaigns at a greatly reduced cost.  You can create reports for virtually any part of your operation to see daily how you are doing.

    Your customers will feel better about the entire experience because their time is respected.  But the real benefit is, you will sell more, hold higher grosses and be 100% compliant without keeping the customer captive for hours on end in the dealership.

  • The "Niffy"
    With as few as 8 "Niffies" you will change the way you market your sales, service accessories and parts....

  • Our new NIFFY will change the way you market to all of your customers and visitors.  It will provide specific messages that can be changed as often as you like to reach the people you most want to reach.  Click this link NIFFY to learn more.
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