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Rocky Creek Designs Australia  

Dunoon,  NSW 
  • Booth: 1107

Yes we manufacture the products you see on our stand!

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Instagram: @janice_rocky_creek_designs

Each product we sell has a warranty, our company stands behind each and every product we manufacture.

Brands: HELMETLOK, Gearlok, MotoPressor Pocket Pump, Mini Pump, Tire Gauge with 2 chucks, Digital Tire Gauge, MotoPlug

 Press Releases

  • We are an Aussie Company and our products are manufactured by us  and sent over to the US, UK and EU for distribution.  We pride ourselves on our excellent quality, long warranties and fantastic customer service.  All items we have on our stand are designed by us as motorcyclists and extensively tested before manufacture.   We travel extensively on our motorbikes, so we know what works and what doesn't, what needs improving, and what is incredible to have.  Mostly, we also rely on feedback we receive from our customers and take any constructive comments on board for future reference, to change or improve our products. 


  • MotoPressor Mini Pump
    MotoPressor Mini Pump with built in Digital Tire Gauge...

  • Pre-select tire pressure, pump your tires and the pump will automatically switch OFF when it reaches that pressure. pressure scale either PSI, BAR or KPA.  The pump is CE approved and comes with our no nonsense 5 year product warranty.

  • MotoPressor Pocket Pump
    Pocket Pump packs a big punch! Don't leave home without it!...

  • This is a great little pump. ULTRA compact, this stripped down pocket pump weighs in at only 590g and fits in the palm of your hand. Built around a custom modified 12 volt inflator. What it lacks in looks, it makes up for in performance and functionality – which is what you really need when you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    MotoPressor Pocket Pump has a 63cm long inflator hose, with a screw on delivery valve that fits all bikes. A long 2.65m power cord comes with two adaptors: a direct connect for your battery and alligator clips, both with SAE connectors.  All this packs small into the included heavy duty neoprene pouch.

    MotoPressor Pocket Pump will pump the front tire of your motorcycle from flat to around 32 psi and the rear to around 28psi in 2 minutes (Tests run on a BMW R1200GS).  MotoPressor Pocket Pump is capable of pumping over 100 psi!

    The MotoPressor Pocket Pump can be used to inflate tires, top off your air shocks, air forks,  or anything else, anywhere, anytime, over and over again.  FITS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND.

  • MotoPressor Tire Gauge with 2 Chucks
    Get an accurate reading every time!...

  • MotoPressor Tire Gauge  comes standard with two chucks.  A straight chuck for "easy to get at" valve stems PLUS a 45° chuck for those "not so easy to get at" valve stems.

    We all know what a pain Fuel station gauges are.  Most are woefully inaccurate and impossible to get onto a motorcycle valve stem.  Enter the MotoPressor Tire Gauge…simply attach the MotoPressor Tire Gauge to your valve stem, attach the petrol station chuck to the inline fitting on the gauge and get an instant and accurate reading in PSI or KPA.

    No need to switch between the gauge and air compressor hose! Added a little too much air to your tire? Simply press the air bleed button and adjust to your desired pressure. 

  • Helmetlok and Extension T Bar
    Lock and leave your helmet on your bike! Comes standard with Helmetlok Extension T Bar....

  • HELMETLOK is a carabiner-style lock, with a 4 digit programmable locking mechanism, designed to lock your helmet to your bike.  Open the lock, slip the carabiner through your helmet's D-ring OR for helmets utilizing a "quick release" buckle, slip the extension into the "quick release" buckle, attach it to your bike and lock it!  Unlike a conventional carabiner, when the locking arm is open, it pivots outwards. This allows you to attach it to large diameter handlebars, bike frames, gear racks and grab rails, in fact it will fit around anything with a 1.5" diameter.

    The 4 digit locking mechanism is made from weather resistant zinc alloy and to protect your bike, the aluminium carabiner is covered with a protective plastic coating.  Since the HelmetLok is not permanently mounted to your frame, you are free to attach your helmet to any suitable place on your bike. Small and compact enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt loop, why be weighed down carrying your helmet around! Use the simple-to-operate HELMETLOK to secure your helmet to any part of your bike and enjoy the security and freedom of HelmetLok.

  • Gearlok with Cable
    Small enough to fit in the round neoprene bag and strong enough to lock 2 helmets, jackets or bags!...

  • If you’ve ridden for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced this familiar scenario.  You’re out on a ride and it’s 34°C.  You stop for lunch or to sight-see and you just don’t feel like lugging your heavy riding jacket and helmet around. If your bike doesn’t have locking hard bags, what do you do?  One approach is to simply drape your jacket over the bike and hang your helmet on the mirror…but that hardly seems wise, leaving it sitting on your bike is an invitation for someone to steal it. 

    The GearLok Lock with Cable utilises a 150cm long braided galvanized steel plastic coated cable to lock your helmet, jacket, backpack or any other accessory to your bike.

    Simply pass the loop end of the cable through a convenient part of your bike like the frame, handlebar or grab rail.  Thread the other end through the loop and then through the object/s you want to secure. Next, insert the end of the cable into the lock slot and slide the lock up or down the cable to adjust the length.  Press the Snap Button till you hear a “Click” and scramble the four (4) digit  security dial…done!  

    Your items are now secured to your bike and you have two free hands! 

    When you return to your bike, set your personal four (4) digit combination code, press the Release Button, pull the cable free, rollup the cable and lock and slip it into the carry bag and into your jacket pocket.


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