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Statistical Surveys, Inc

Grand Rapids,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 3505

Visit our booth for info on a free Retail sales report

Statistical Surveys Inc. was founded in 1958 for the purpose of tracking retail sales for 5 different industries.

We track reports on the Power Sport, Recreational Vehicles, Marine, Trailer and Manufactured homes. We are considered the source on tracking retail sales for these industries. There are a number of report tools that a dealer can use to locate the "Hot Markets" to sell their products. The reports will tell you what products to stock for your market,by Price point, engin size, Make, model catagory.

The report can locate the top selling Zip Codes in your area, this will be helpful in working with google ad targeting.

You can use our report to pick up new product lines, by proving to the manufacturers that there is a need for their in your market. A dealer recently told us that a manufacturer was tring to sell them a product that was not correct for their market. Our report helped the dealer from making a costly mistake that of purchasing the wrong product for their market.

Please come to our booth for a free demo and register for a free one year service. booth 2119

Brands: We have two reports that you can chose from for retail info for your dealership, the DAR and Spot Fire on line tool.

Call us at 855-MC-SHOWS