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Unit Products / Advantage Performance Distributing

Seto,  AICHU 
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We, at UNIT MOTORCYCLE PRODUCTS, work innovation!
We build the best and most complete line of automotive equipment in the world and we're growing!
We provide a great work that's safe, fun and rewarding!
We take pride in our products and our people and demand the best in both!

Brands: Our company produces automotive supplies have protective gear, tools, accessories etc.


    In the motocross race, taking a hole shot is also a shortcut to victory. When going to the course to practice, I recommend you to have one in the van.


  • - Motocross start practice machine.
    - Comes with starting lever to drop the gate.
    - Gate height can be adjusted.
    - Gate lifting pole is included.
    - Comes with 4 pegs to fix the starting gate on the grand
  • MX Quick Release Triangle Stand
    Waiting for your turn with a helmet or triangle stand for the inspection etc. in the race ... It is annoying! Is it?
    It is an introduction of such a mast item that can not be stopped once it is used...

  • - Quick release function on triangle stand.
    - Stand stays on axle shaft during you are pushing bike to washing area or garage.
    - Shaft diameter : 18mm
    By adjusting the screw type foot bolt you can make the bike float horizontally.
    Especially in the CRF system etc, either one of the front and rear wheels contacts the ground and there are many who feel inconvenience during maintenance and car wash....

  • - Adjustable height and the angle of top of the stand.
    - Wide opening hole on th top of the stand for easy oil change.
    - Adjustable angle of each foot bolts provide great stability.
    - Can be used for small to full size dirt bikes.
    - Comes with tool tray.
    - Stand height range : 405mm to 460mm
    - Maximum stand angle : 10 degrees
    - Material : Steel
    - Color : Black / Red / Orange / Blue- Weight : 5.14kgs
    - Max Weight : 150kgs (300lb)

    People need to turn the stand around so cleaning of the hose is an obstacle and mud scattered around. If you cleaned one side with the handle, you can flip it with one hand while holding the nozzle....

  • - Stand designed for easy motocross boots washing.
    - Set boots up side down on the stand to wash with high pressure washer.
      Water won’t enter inside of boot.
    - Easy to wash, keep boots on the stand to dry boots.
    - Compact design.
    - Material : Steel
    - Color : Black
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