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Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental

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Motorcycle Rentals, Self-Guided and Guided Motorcycle Tours

Motorcycle Rentals and Motorcycle Adventure Tours in Ecuador.


Ecuador's first and most experienced motorcycle rental and tour operator.

We are a French + American + Ecuadorian team dedicated to providing the best experience possible with personal, friendly service and rich insights into the best roads to ride and places to visit.  

Whether you want to just rent a bike on your own to ride through the incredible landscapes and cities of Ecuador, or take a motocycle tour to be sure you'll see the best of the country, we offer three ways you can do it:




Join us on a Guided Tour!


There is no better place in the world for motorcycling than Ecuador.

Ecuador is a motorcyclist's dream destination.  Located on the Equator, this South American country offers year-round riding, thousands of miles of newly paved roads, cheap gasoline, low traffic, and a megadiversity of terrains, climates, cultures and altitudes -all in a small, flourishing, peaceful, safe, deomocratic republic.  No wonder Motorcycle News calls Ecuador the "Biker's Secret Paradise."

Brands: Triumph BMW Honda Yamaha Suzuki KTM AltRider Mosko Moto Giant Loop Kawasaki


  • Dirt Deluxe Self-Guided Tour
    Combining dirt roads and luxury hotels, this tour brings you the best remote dirt roads in Ecuador...

  • The 6-day tour crisscrosses the northern Ecuadorian Andes, a part of the country that still feels enigmatic, subtly inaccessible and not saturated with tourists. It's an area known for its pristine wildlife refuges, coffee plantations, timeworn colonial buildings and therapeutic hot springs.  

    The route  (note: route shown is no the exact route which we will provide with the tour) will bring you to a huge variety of climates, cultures and altitudes.  You'll visit the beautiful cloud forests on the Western Slopes of the Andes, soak in five different unique volcanic hot springs, haggle at the indigenous markets in Otavalo, savor freshly grown coffee from the some of the world's top growers, and revel in the outstanding vistas all along the way.

    Each night's accommodations are in carefully selected exclusive, luxury haciendas and wilderness lodges that are as diverse as the terrains you will traverse.  The hospitality of each venue has its own particular regional character which is evident in every gesture.

  • Introduction to Ecuador Guided Tour
    This tour will take you to all of the best that continental Ecuador has to offer on this absolutely unforgettable motorcycle adventure....

  • We will visit all of the major regions of continental Ecuador - the Andes, the Coast and the Amazon Basin.   We will have time to explore the major cities of Quito, Loja, Manta, Esmeraldas and Cuenca, including many places declared "World Heritage Sites" by the United Nations. We'll visit the popular "gringo" hangouts such as Canoa, Vilcabamba, Otavalo and Baños.  We will experience the various cuisines and cultures of Ecuador such as the criolla cuisine in Esmeraldas, fresh coffee from plantations in Loja, fresh chocolate from the cacao plantations in Vinces, hearty soups of the Andean highlands, and steamed fish wrapped in Amazonian jungle leaves.

    One of the things that sets a motorcycle trip apart from other types of tourism are the scents, fragrances and aromas that you can experience while riding - you can't experience these while travelling in a bus or car.  Ecuador provides you with a feast for all your senses - you will pass through brilliant fields of multi-colored roses, see wild orchids in the rainforests, smell the eucalyptus and pine forests, ripening bananas, and ride through salty mist along the shore.  

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