Session Handout Name
Pre-Conference: The NEW Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Medicare and Medicaid AM16-901
Pre-Conference: Future Home Care and Hospice Leaders AM16-900
Pre-Conference: Rescue Your Money  
101. Wading Through Wound Waters: The Impact of WOC Nursing on Clinical and Fiscal Wound Management AM16-101
102. Empowering Frontline Managers with Combined Financial and Operational Information AM16-102
103. Improving Compliance, Reducing Costs, and Avoiding Penalties with Secure Communication AM16-101
104. Healthy Growth in a Changing Environment AM16-104
105. The ACA, You, and Your Employees: Increasing Employee Retention AM16-105
106. Medicare: Who Pays for What, When and Where AM16-106
107. Emerging Trends that are Reshaping Home Health and Hospice Mergers and Acquisitions AM16-107
108. Understanding and Completing the Hospice Medicare Cost Report AM16-108
109. The Advantages of Accreditation  
110. Getting Ready for the New Health System: A Simple Strategy for Delivering Better Care at Less Cost AM16-110
201. Pre-Claim Review: The First Three Months | Provider and Intermediary Experiences  
202. Embracing Flexibility: Revenue Cycle Strategies in the Era of Value-Based Care AM16-202
203. Reducing Readmissions: One Agency's Unprecedented Success AM16-203
204. Beyond Survey Preparedness – into Survey Success AM16-204
205. The Compliance Landscape: What Home Care and Hospice Management Needs to Know AM16-205
206. How to Deal with Current and Future Changes: Home Health Regulatory Roundup AM16-206
207. Focus on the Future: What Tomorrow's Home Health and Hospice Leaders Should Know Today AM16-207
208. Creative Connecting: Innovative Ways to Build Referrals for Home Care and Hospice AM16-208
209. A Panel Update for Private Duty Home Care Agencies  
210. Improving OASIS Accuracy and VBP Rank: Targeting Clinician Behaviors to Raise Your Scores AM16-210
301. Are You Providing Comprehensive Care? Grow Your Own Psych Nurses! AM16-301
302. Mergers and Acquisitions: A Panel Discussion on Buying, Selling, and Valuing AM16-302
303. Why Isn’t Remote Patient Monitoring in Your Business Model? AM16-303
304. Dealing with Current and Future Changes: Hospice Policy Roundup Part 1 AM16-304
305. What's In It For Me? Creating Training That Sticks AM16-305
306. Staying Informed: Medicare Updates & Reminders from CGS AM16-306
307. Strategic Focus: A Game Plan for Growing the Agency You Want  
308. Selling Home Care by Diagnosis AM16-308
309. How to Control Your Workers' Compensation Costs AM16-309
310. Infection Prevention and Control: How to Meet the Conditions of Participation for Home Health AM16-310
401. Maintenance and Palliative Therapy: Promoting Chronic Care Management and Financial Success AM16-401
402. Medicare Episode Management and Star Ratings: The Right Models for Real Results AM16-402
403. Telehealth Monitoring in Rural Regions: Challenges and New Changes in Helping the Chronically Ill Thrive at Home AM16-403
404. Dealing with Current and Future Changes: Hospice Policy Roundup Part 2 AM16-404
405. Bullying and Violence in Nursing: The Big Issue in the Profession That No One Wants to Talk About AM16-405
406. Medicaid: Lessons Learned in Medicaid Managed Long Term Services and Supports AM16-406
407. Succeed by Engaging Staff at all Levels of an Organization AM16-407
408. Medicare's Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement: How to Be a CJR Partner AM16-408
409. The Impact of DOL's Modifications to FLSA Exemptions on Home Health Care Providers and Most Commonly Targeted Pay Practices, Part 1: Expert Presentation AM16-409
410. Hardwiring Practices to Redefine the Standard of Care at Home AM16-410
501. Stroke: Clinical Manifestations and Special Considerations AM16-501
502. Managing Cash, Compliance and Effectiveness in the Revenue Cycle AM16-502
503. Video-Telehealth: Getting to Win-Win through a VNA-Primary Care Medical Group Collaboration AM16-503
504. A Missing Link in the Care Continuum: Designing Hospital-Based Hospice Units that Fill in the Gaps AM16-504
505. Cultural Competency: A Key Component of Quality Home Health and Hospice Care
506. How to Stay Informed: Medicare Updates by Palmetto GBA AM16-506
507. ICD-10 Transition One Year Later: How Does Your Agency Measure Up? AM16-507
508. Seven Strategies for Reducing Turnover AM16-508
509. The Impact of DOL's Modifications to FLSA Exemptions, Part 2: ""Stump the Attorney"" Q&A AM16-509
510. Home Health Value-Based Purchasing: 2016 and Beyond AM16-510
601. The Science and Practice of LSVT BIG and LSVT LOUD Within the Home Health Setting AM16-601
602. Keys to Successful Outcomes in a Value-Based Purchasing Model AM16-602
603. Using Telehealth to Strengthen Hospital and Insurance Relationships: The Role of Outcomes-based Initiatives AM16-603
604. Palliative Care - A Key to Strategic Partnerships AM16-604
605. Interviewing for Retention: The Value of Structured Interviews in Home Health AM16-605
606. Medicare Audits and Appeals: Expanding Chances for Home Health and Hospice to Settle AM16-606
607. Value-Based Leadership: Bridging the Execution Gap AM16-607
608. It's All About Value: Creating an ACO–Friendly Marketing Approach AM16-608
609. The Coaching Model for Great Dementia Care at Home AM16-609
610. The Clinical Detective: Finding Clues that Help Patients Heal AM16-610
701. Therapy Management of Urinary Incontinence: How Evidence-Based Practice Can Help Home Health Patients  
702. How To Use QAPI for Financial Analysis AM16-702
703. Step Up Patient Care with Step-down Telehealth Solutions: How Long-Term Patient Monitoring Gives Patients Better Outcomes and Gets You More Reimbursement AM16-703
704. Innovations in Community-Based Advanced Illness Care: A Population Health Approach AM16-704
706. Standing Out in a Value-Based Care World AM16-706
707. The Clinical Manager v2.0: A Strategy and Clinic for Better Clinical Operations AM16-707
708. Secrets for Sales Success in 2016 and Beyond! AM16-708
710. Assessing your Agency for Regulatory Compliance AM16-710
801. Anatomy of a Healthcare Episode AM16-801
802. How to Make Medicare Advantage a Business Success  
803. Reduce Nursing Visits by Ramping Up Telehealth Use: Get Better Outcomes, More Revenue, and Better Quality of Work Life for Your Staff AM16-803
804. Palliative Care: Prepare to Integrate Your Organization and Get Value-Based Outcomes AM16-804
806. Stay Informed: Financial Manager's Open Forum  
807. OASIS C2: The Next Step in Our Assessment Journey AM16-807
808. How to Develop a Customer Service Training Program AM16-808
809. What's Kindling your Care?  
810. Stabilizing Function: Effective Use of Therapy Services to Reduce Rehospitalizations AM16-810


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