2013 International Salon & Spa Expo

JNxcel Salon Products
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Audurn, MA  01501
United States
URL http://www.jnxcel.com
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JNxcel Salon Products For over 25 years we at JNxcel Salon Products (formerly known as J & N Enterprises) have been serving the professional beauty industry with our high quality salon products and our strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction. We offer the highest quality water repellent hair cutting/shampoo capes and stylist aprons in a multitude of beautiful iridescent colors. We are the manufacturer of "Xcel: The Hair Color Accelerator & Conditioner" and "The Perfect Hair Weaver Foiling Comb". Decorate your salon with the most current and fashionable hair style posters and hair style banners. Keep your customers up-to-date with our collection of quality, hard-cover hair style books and watch the step-by-step instructions on our educational hair cutting and hair style videos in DVD format. We at JNxcel Salon Products have the means to deliver "big company" products, yet remain small enough to maintain a close, personalized relationship with our customers.

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