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  • Booth: 43035 and both belong to Ezyco LLC established in 2016, based in the California Bay Area. Although Ezyco is new to wholesale and retail in the American market, we have an extensive background of manufacturing in China with more than 20 years experience.

Our company focuses on a variety of hair products, ranging from different kinds of luxurious high quality human remy hair extensions to hi-end hand tied wigs both of human hair and synthetic fiber, men’s hair replacement system, and more.

Our high quality remy human hair bases on our own quality standard being controlled from the origianl raw hair to the final packing, and also on our experiences techinicians with full of artisan spirit. This strong technical background guaranttees our hair on extensions, wigs and men's hairpieces are the best.

The honestly thick and full hair length deserves every dollar cent our clients would pay for, and most improtantly we want our clients can buy the hair far more than decent, long lasting and also with various beautiful colors available.

For those looking for a different way to transform their style or prefer other options over hair extensions and wigs, we’ve got you covered. Check out our “Aurora Turban” line with stylish turbans and headbands imported from Italy. We are the Exclusive Sales Agent in North America for “Aurora Turban” which is designed and made in Italy.

At TheWildWaves, we are all about broadening our horizon and discovering new opportunities. 

We welcome wholesalers and retailers, salons and stylists across North America to work with us. We will provide you with the most honest quality, the most reasonable price, and the best customer service. 

We welcome bloggers, social media influencers, and other online personalities to collaborate with us.

Be wild and free with TheWildWaves Hair!

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  • We have strong background of hair products manufacturing in China.

    We are here to provide you the most professional service, the most reasonable price.

    We are inviting wholesalers, retailers, salons and stylists to be our partners.


  • 100% Human Hair Extensions(I-tips, U-tips, Tape-in
    I-tips, U-tips, Tape-in Hair extensions, 100% human remy hair, with more than 60% hair with cuticles reserved.<br />Thick hair volume with honest length....

  • Hair length available:16", 18", 20", 22"

    Weight of Tape in hair extensions 2.5g/pc(usually 48pcs per pack)

    Pre-taped with strong long lasting adhesive tape.

    I-tips and U-tips:

    1g/strand and 0.5g/strand

    tools kit available

    THIS IS OUR NEW DESIGNS FOR CLIPIN, THE EXTENDED LENGTH IS NOT ONLY FROM HUMAN HAIR BUT ALSO FROM THE BASE.<br />The base net can be cut to smaller size to fix on any position that clients want....

  • Base net size: 11" X 4" 

    100% Human remy hair with various colors

    Weight 120g

    Hair length 16 extended to 20"

  • Aurora Turban and Headwear
    These headwear has now become an essential accessory not only when you have these needs but also in everyday life. They are made from bamboo, flax and cotton, that is all natural products characterized by delicacy and well-being on the skin....


    The turbans on bamboo 'have amazing features, they are light to wear, they are breathable and have the essential characteristic of leaving you dry and not wet from sweat. This material is highly polished and refined presents visually speaking, its use allows for an important protection from harmful sun rays and bacterial attacks, preventing the formation of bad odors on the scalp. The turbans bamboo when properly processed become an attractive accessory just for their pleasing fit, ease in cleaning and good durability. The real professional production of bamboo fiber allows a better temperature control, also lowering by 2 degrees the sensitivity to heat. It is often described ideal for sensitive skin or who need special protection.
    Flax is a plant used since the earliest centuries in Mesopotamia to the areas of the Black Sea, and then get into the large western civilization. The beauty of these materials needed to produce clothes and linens. The advent of the cotton plantations then have reduced its consumption. But just for its wonderful freshness and softness properties, make this material an icon especially in the summer months, for the ability to absorb water, and then the sweat. We entered the linen headdress in Aurora collection, especially to decrease the heat inconvenience for those who are undergoing chemotherapy, but always without losing that touch of fashion that characterizes our line.

        • lightweight
        • breathable and fresh without leaving the wet pella
        • temperature controllers suitable for the warmer periods
        • visually beautiful
        • resistant over time
        • gentle on the skin
        • antimicrobial

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  • Thewildwaves Lace wigs
    The unique independent design of wig cap, comfortable and durable, one size fits for all.<br />Both human hair and synthetic hair available....

  • Lace front with Genuine Swiss lace

    Wefted back

    Hand tied front and top

    one size fits all

    Hair length 22" all over.

    Synthetic hair: Futura of Kanekalon

    Human hair: 100% remy human hair

    We help salons and stylists for men's hairpeices custom order and stock order.<br />We will keep moulds and other information for your clients and save lots of shipping charge for you.<br />Quick delivery time, most delicate artisan work....

  • Our factory in China have more than 20 years experience of manufacturing of men's hairpieces.

    We are here to provide you the most professional service, the most reasonable price.

    We are inviting salons and stylists to be our partners.

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