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Beautiful people are gathered to make beauty with beautiful products. This is the mind of BNH Cosmetics.

GIVERNY - FLOWER WELL-AGING COSMETICS (Skin Care, Make up, Speical Care)

Flower Well-aging cares you confidently because flower scent and color makes your heart comfortable and plenty. Not only blooming flowers are beautiful, but also a pre-bloom, a bud and even dried flowers have their own beauty. We can learn from the flowers. “Every single time, it has its own different beauty.” GIVERNY delivers sincerity to you who are missing for now.

ACWELL - Korean Traditional Dermatology Cosmetics(Skin Care, Sun care, Mask sheet, Cleanser)

ACWELL developed base on ancient Korean prescription that solves the root causes of skin problems and fundamentally improves the skin. There is a record that the balance of yin and yang from the medicinal herbs. Acwell got answers the most suitable for our skin condition is the prescripition of our nature, so we tried to convey pure health to skin with ‘Donguibogam’ grafting on modern technology, excluding any toxic ingredients.

Brands: ACWELL - Korean Traditional Dermatology Cosmetics GIVERNY - Flower Well-aging Cosmetics


  • ACWELL Bubble Free pH Balancing Cleanser
    We use nonionic surfactant without foam for this cleanser to minimize skin stimuli and protect the skin moisture film after washing one’s face for long-lasting moisturized skin....

  • The most important thing of cleanser is moisture!
    1 Deep cleansing with Nonionic which minimizes the skin strain
    2 Maintain pH5.5 balancing which is natural skin level
    3 Protect the natural moisture barrier, so your skin keeps
    moisture without tight
    4 It is a gel type multi cleanser that using first and second
    wash on your face at a time

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