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We, the Noksibcho Corporation, the holding company of five affiliated companies are one of the largest healthcare companies in Korea, with offices or representatives in all major cities and towns in the country. We enjoy an excellent reputation because of our brilliant history of 33 years. We started with dietary supplements (health care) and expended into cosmetics. We have offered cosmetics for nearly 30 years and we would like to introduce our two recently launched brands called The Skin House (for retail shops) and Sferangs (for spas) made in our own factory in Korea. Although these two brands are only a year old, orders are rushing in owing to their excellent quality.  The prices of our products are reasonable in the market, and their greatest strength is that we have our own patented production method (Ellipeace Energy), founded by our affiliated company and hospital to improve product quality. In addition, our individual brands are developed at our R&D centre and freshly made at our factory with high-quality ingredients (organic ingredients in The Skin House line). Therefore, we guarantee that the quality of our products is superior compared to other brands.

Brands: Sferangs, The Skin House, Noksibcho Cosmetic


  • Aloe Essential Soothing Line
    Containing aloe elements with 35 years of experience, helps instant relaxation of skin that has become sensitive due to environmental and physical reasons. Also makes the damaged skin comfortable....

  • Aloe Essential Soothing Line, which is an aloe line containing the knowhow accumulated during the last 35 years by the R&D center of Noksibcho Inc. Ltd., a Korea’s first-generation aloe company, was released as an unrivaled aloe line by research done so far on aloe varieties and only Noksibcho R&D center’s combination. Aloe Essential Soothing Line has deep moisturizing and superb soothing effects, which quickly calm down sensitized skin caused by various harmful environments, physical and chemical factors as well as quickly moisturize ordinary dry skin, making the skin comfortable and healthy with no sign of redness.

    Suggested Skin Types

    -Sensitive and red skin from using inappropriate cosmetics.
    -After dermatological procedures.
    -Dry Skin during in-between seasons.
    -Dry skin from frequent air-conditioning and heating
    -Red skin result from hormonal changes during the climacterium
    -Lack of moisture skin

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