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Organic to Green, is an innovative health and beauty lifestyle company founded in Los Angeles, CA. In 2009 we launched our first collection into L.A.'s beloved retailer Fred Segal and currently sold at ULTA and EVINE focusing on an organic, green, healthy, lifestyle. In 2015 we opened our private eco-chic boutique studio in Santa Monica, CA as a brand showroom and to continue our holistic med spa treatments featuring Organic to Green's award winning and editor favorite coconut oil and non-toxic products. Our retail collections offer healthy, smart products that are safe for the entire family. 


Organic To Green Liquid Coconut Oil
Organic to Green - 3 Reasons To Love Our Coco Oil

 Press Releases

  • (May 05, 2017)

    Meet Organic to Green

    When Rianna Loving realized that the decidedly un-green plastic packaging that house so many skincare products pretty much canceled out the otherwise healthy or “earth-friendly” aspects of the formulations, she decided to create her own innovative and eco-friendly line, Organic to Green. Packaged in donated, reusable glass – gathered from a community recycling program, Rianna’s brainchild quickly became a staple in the Los Angeles beauty world.

    In 2015 Organic to Green moved forward by returning to its roots with luxury refillable amenities and innovative handcrafted products.

    “We introduced a collection of Coconut Oil based products to continue our philosophy to reduce the amount of products we actually need… simple, pure, and effective formulas for all parts of the body, face, and hair,” says Rianna. Organic to Green offers incentives to recycle and 10% of each purchase is donated to causes and organizations focused on climate change.

    Rianna takes her passion for sustainable, organic ingredients and great beauty products seriously. It has been her mission to practice what she preaches, love what she creates, and simplify the everyday beauty routine. The result: a product collection centered on one of the most versatile and beloved ingredients in the world: Coconut Oil.

    Available at Ulta, the line also includes unique staples such as its CLEAN Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray Lavender + Lemon and its AIR Organic Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Spray, both of which are fast becoming cult must-haves among LA’s wellness-o-philes.

    Organic to Green is based in Los Angeles, CA and launched in 2009 with a line of organic formulas packaged in donated wine and beer bottles - a hit among L.A.’s hip eco-chic crowd. Organic to Green also has a luxury, natural refillable amenity line.

  • Need a break from city life? A ski vacation offers a slew of activities, a connection to nature and pollution-free air that will invigorate your body and soul. Before you go, here are 5 essentials to pack for a winter escape.

    Whether you’re riding the chairlift or shredding down the mountain, the wind can feel like its whipping your skin. To protect yourself from chapping and windburn, slather Organic to Green Great Barrier Chap Guard on your cheeks and lips. The balm is like a windbreaker for your face. Made with ingredients such as of beeswax, rosemary and vitamin E, it creates a barrier of protection as well as heals irritations.


  • (May 18, 2017)

    When former “The Young and the Restless” star Rianna Loving realized that the decidedly “un-green” plastic packaging housing many skin care products pretty much canceled out the otherwise healthy or “earth-friendly” aspects of the formulations, she decided to create her own innovative and eco-friendly line, Organic to Green.
    Packaged in donated, reusable glass – gathered from a community recycling program, Loving's concept quickly became a staple in the Los Angeles beauty world, launching exclusively at Fred Segal in 2009 with bath salts and candles. She also started a related glass recycling program, ReUse Glass Bottles.

    Billed as “The Modern Option for Coconut Oil Lovers” by Loving, the brand’s newest product, Coco Oil, is an infusion of coconut oils that won’t turn solid. Organic to Green Liquid Coconut Oil is an All-In-One product and acts as a moisturizer, cleanser, makeup remover, shaving aid and more. For sensitive skin, this product is great for the entire family including children and babies as it is non-comedogenic and fast-absorbing, according to the company. It is available in five scents ranging from vanilla chamomile to rose.

    “We introduced a collection of coconut oil-based products to continue our philosophy to reduce the amount of products we actually need…simple, pure, and effective formulas for all parts of the body, face and hair,” said Loving.

    The liquid coconut oil products are non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores. Blended with additional natural and certified organic ingredients, Organic to Green also offers incentives to recycle and 10% of each purchase is donated to causes and organizations focused on climate change.

    Loving is proud to report that Organic to Green brand is making a big leap in distribution for 2017 with HSN and


  • As a proud owner of a very dry, and somewhat sensitive epidermis, I have found that there are three all-natural remedies that work wonderfully well to treat my winter skin. Is your skin prone to itching, flaking, and aching in the winter? Don't worry, I'm sharing with you the best all-natural and nontoxic remedies to fight winter skin.

    If your skin hurts with the winter weather, I can't recommend you enough to invest in a multitasking product that you can take in your purse for emergency protection. I personally love the Organic to Green Great Barrier Chap Guard ($12) to protect my wind-chafed cheeks, the tip of my nose, my lips, and my hands. This all-natural and waterless formula contains beeswax and shea butter to create a protective and moisturizing barrier, jojoba seed oil, rosa canina oil to promote skin health, lavender and rosemary to treat inflammation, and vitamin E to heal damaged skin. The Great Barrier Chap Guard is ideal for any extreme weather conditions, and this stuff is so versatile that I've been able to use it as an emergency fake mascara by applying a very small amount to the tips of my lashes. Plus, as the formula has no water it's very convenient to carry around, especially because it will never leak and ruin your favorite purse (don't ask, let's say I learned the hard way that balms are the way to go!)
    Available at ULTA, the Great Barrier Chap Guard by Organic to Green.


  • I have read women ingest anywhere between 3.7 pounds to 7 pounds of lipstick (that includes balms) in their lifetime (various reports all have different numbers). Yet if you think about it, ingesting anything you put on your lips that isn’t organic or somewhat healthy is kinda…gross. Once I learned I was allergic to metals and preservatives (which is in a lot of lipsticks and balms) I started researching healthier options. So in this post we are going to take a look at organic lip balms. I may not have lipstick on all of the time, but I have balm on my lips 24/7. I am what you would call lip balm ADDICTED.

    Organic to Green Arctic Coco Shea Vanilla for Skin + Lip Moisturizer Balm
    This is one I keep on my nightstand because I use it on my lips, hands, and feet. The creamy white coco shea formula soothes and repairs the driest skin and lips…and it smells wonderful!


  • Like my addiction to neutral eyeshadow palettes, I’m forever on the hunt for a good lip balm. No matter the price..high, low or somewhere in between, I’ve spent a personal fortune on my quest for just the right consistency and staying power. Here are some recent favorites that have passed the test. Thank goodness there are a variety of lip balms, because I there is no “one size fits all” formula for me. At night, I like a formula that nourishes, hydrates and stays put all night so that I don’t wake up with dry lips. The dry lips at night thing, unfortunately gets worse as you get older. During the day, I usually opt for a lighter texture, one that can be worn under a lipstick, or a tinted lip balm. And since this list is geared more to winter, I haven’t included lip balms with SPF. Current lip balm favorites:

    Organic to Green ARCTIC Moisturizer can be used on lips or other dry areas like cuticles and elbows. Formulated with three ingredients: white coconut oil, shea butter and vanilla natural oil, this lip treatment really works. Plus, it comes in a large 1 oz. jar! It’s cruelty-free and vegan.


  • Jump head first into the coconut oil craze an achieve glossy skin like Rihanna’s with Organic to Green COCO Oil – also called the everything-you-need-in-one-bottle beauty remedy.

    The buzz is that Organic to Green COCO Oil is made with 100% pure and gentle coconut oil. COCO Oil offers a modern use of this multi-benefit beauty elixir.
    Organic to Green’s liquid oil products quickly absorb into your skin, are non-greasy, so there’s no worry of this oil clogging our pores, and all give scents are blended with completely organic and natural botanicals.

    Lemon- which is an antibacterial oily skin treatment contains Red Raspberry and Burdock Extracts.
    Gingers- is a healing formula that contains Ginger, Seabuckthorn, Berry and Cherimoya.
    Vanilla Chamomile- is a soothing formula for sensitive skin types blended with Vanilla, Chamomile, Calendula and Aloe. Great for treating sunburns.
    Rose – addresses the signs of aging and contains Vitamin A & C. Ideal for mature skin.
    Jasmine Ylang Ylang – is a moisturizing formula that treats dry skin. It contains Icelandic Moss, watermelon and fresh floral.
    The best way to use COCO oil is in and out of the shower.

    Why You’ll Love It
    Aside from giving you that Rianna –level glossy skin you’re after, there are plenty of other uses for COCO Oil. Use it to wash your face, as a makeup remover, to add sheen to your hair, as a bath oil, or even as a lip protector.


  • Anyone who has tried to eat vegan in a restaurant knows how underwhelming the options can be. We can’t count the number of menus that contain one afterthought of an option, adorned with a lone little “V.”(Hey, restaurants of America: Just because you slice a cauliflower into a thick slab does not make it a “steak.” What’s more, vegans aren’t really looking for a steak-like replacement. OK. Rant over.) But for a long time, the world of beauty offered the much of the same: Sure, you could find the occasional lotion or lip balm that was made without animal ingredients, but for the most part, it was slim pickings out there.

    That was then. Now, fancy skin-care lines and Target staples alike offer plenty to choose from for vegans (and those who just want to treat skin sans animal byproducts). Included are brands you’d never think were on board and indie lines so beautifully packaged, they scream “luxury,” not “granola.”

    While it may seem like vegan beauty has never been more popular, holistic esthetician Tammy Fender notes that plant-based remedies have always been a staple: “If you think about it, throughout history the plant kingdom has provided some of our most potent medicines, from penicillin to aspirin, which was first isolated from the bark of the willow tree,” she says. Though Fender admits that the demand for vegan beauty products does seem to be at an all-time high. And Google has the data to back it up: Since 2000, searches for vegan skin care have grown by 83% year over year in the U.S., according to research by the all-knowing search giant. Jessica Wu, MD, dermatologist and author of Feed Your Face can understand why. “More of my patients are looking for vegan skin care because they've made a conscious choice to avoid animal products in all aspects of their lives, including their diet, clothing, and now beauty products,” she says. “For many, it's no longer enough for products to be cruelty-free.”

    Whether you're committed to a lifestyle that keeps animal byproducts out of your body and off of your skin, or just want in on some of the most inventive formulas that beauty has to offer, you’ll find plenty of options that are major upgrades from the few choices found in the crusty health food stores of yore. Some use their vegan status to make a statement on the packaging; others might completely surprise you. And all will help you go into beauty beast mode — without any animal influence. Find some our favorites, ahead.

    We love using coconut oil for everything from removing makeup to giving frizzy hair moisture and shine. But we hate coconut oil’s tendency to go from solid to liquid overnight — on more than one occasion during bleary-eyed mornings, we’ve uncapped the jar and sent its suddenly liquid contents flying. This 100% coconut oil, infused with soothing rose, does not solidify, no matter what the weather.

    Organic to Green Liquid Coco Oil,



  • Mini Coco Oil Kit
    The Modern Option For Coconut Oil Lovers. COCO Oil is propriety infusion of coconut oils that won't turn solid. For Sensitive skin, non-comedogenic, fast absorbing moisturizer + cleanser + make-up remover + shaving + more...

    MAKEUP REMOVER (gently tissue off, repeat) CLEANSER (gently wipe with warm cloth) MOISTURIZER (all over, anytime or after cleansing) MIX (for extra hydration add to any other product; foundation/lotion) DIY SCRUB (mix with sugar or salt)

    1.8 oz Liquid Coconut Oil Jasmine Ylang Ylang – Moisturizing

    For dry skin, an infusion of jasmine and ylang ylang with hydrating Icelandic moss, watermelon, and green tea for antioxidant protection.

    1.8 oz Liquid Coconut Oil Ginger – Healing

    Infused with ginger, seabuckthorn berry and cherimoya,

    this is the perfect inflammation healer.

    1.8 oz Liquid Coconut Oil Lemon – Purifying
    Great for oily or blemished prone skin, a gentle infusion of red raspberry and burdock extracts with antibacterial properties to clarify and prevent breakouts.

    1.8 oz Liquid Coconut Oil Rose – Anti–Aging

    Address the signs of aging with multiple different forms of rose, rich with Vitamins A & C, this is the perfect combination for mature skin.

    1.8 oz Liquid Coconut Oil Vanilla Chamomile – Sensitive & Soothing

    An infusion of vanilla, chamomile, calendula and aloe to soothe sensitive, delicate skin. Safe for babies, eczema and sunburns.
  • Deluxe Travel Kit
    Our organic handcrafted artisan edition kit is designed for all types of travelers....

  • Deluxe Kit Includes:
    RAINFOREST coconut oil sugar scrub 4oz
    CLEAN lavender + lemon hand sanitizer spray 1.8oz
    ARCTIC coconut vanilla shea lip + skin reapair 4oz
    GREAT BARRIER coconut +organic plants lip + skin balm 1oz
    COCO OIL vanilla chamomile liquid coconut oil 1.8oz
    AIR eucalyptus aromatherapy spray 1.8oz
    Organic to Green Travel Kit Jute Bag

  • RAINFOREST Organic Coco Oil Sugar Scrub
    Exfoliate and moisturize from head to toe with organic coconut and organic sugar you will have smooth, beach ready skin no matter the time of year. Our scrub is not too oily and provides a light coconut oil hydration, not greasy....

  • Why we love it:

    Use as a body scrub to exfoliate dry dull skin
    Helps relieve eczema and psoriasis
    Moisturizes but won't leave you greasy
    Use as a weekly facial scrub
    Gentle enough for all skin types and ages

    Eco Friendly: Post Consumer Plastic Jar

    Directions: In shower, keep water out of the jar. Use hands to dispense desired amount. Scrub onto wet skin in circular motions paying extra attention to rough areas like arms, elbows, feet, and chest area. You can even use on face.

  • CLEAN Lavender + Lemon Organic Hand Sanitizer
    Traveling our planet can get your hands a little dirty, so when soap and water is not an option, CLEAN is a healthy, Artisan Edition organic sanitizer. Feel free to pass it around to your fellow travelers. Safe for all skin types....

  • Why we love it:
    Non sticky
    Safe and effective for all skin types and ages
    Aromatherapeutic Lavender and Lemon to calm and refresh
    Easy application for hands, mouth items, dental items, car, phones, keyboards - anything you touch really 
    Available in 8oz & 1.8oz Travel Approved size

    Directions: Shake well. Spray on hands (and even dental items or any surface you touch really) to kill germs and bacteria.

  • ARCTIC Coco Shea Vanilla for Skin + Lip
    As beautiful as a glacier, ARCTIC is our Artisan Edition moisturizing balm with coconut shea to soothe and repair dry skin and lips all over body! With just a hint of natural vanilla it's a perfect travel companion to moisturize and heal skin....

  • Why we love it:
    All Over Moisturizer Balm
    Use as a lip moisturizer

    Deep hydration treatment for hands, elbows, body, feet, and even face
    Safe for all ages and skin types

    Eco Friendly: Post Consumer Resin Jar 

    Directions: Apply desired amount to lips or skin to soothe and repair dry skin.
  • GREAT BARRIER - CHAP GUARD Coco Herbal Lavender
    Our Artisan Edition GREAT BARRIER protects and prevents wind-chaffed cheeks and dry hands caused by extreme hot or weather by creating a barrier of protection. It also protects and creates a barrier for dry areas....

  • Why we love it:
    Use on lips or skin to prevent chapped conditions from sun, cold, wind
    Apply to hands or body for extra moisturizing treatment
    Helps relieve eczema and psoriasis
    Diaper balm

    Directions: Apply this protective wax barrier before exposure to the elements to protect lips and skin (face, cheeks, hands) from extreme hot or cold chapping, even irritations like rashes (baby’s bottom).

    Eco Friendly: Post Consumer Plastic Jar

  • AIR Organic Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Spray
    Freshen and add a healthy aromatherapy treatment to any room (bedroom, office, bathroom/toilet area), car, shower/steam, and even linens. Safe for everyone....

  • Why we love it

    For stress or sinus relief when ill
    Room freshener and even on linens
    Purify the air in your car or bathrooms
    Use in shower or steam shower for an at-home spa experience
    Safe for all ages
    Available in 8oz & 1.8oz Travel Approved size
    Directions: Spray two or three pumps to air or surface area.

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