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CHALEUR BEAUTY has finally broken the beauty / technology barrier with the world’s only, globally patented, self-heating skin care system.  Integrating the groundbreaking Lava Gel® self-heating compounds allows any consumer to receive a spa quality treatment infused with therapeutic moist heat - anytime, anywhere.

Chaleur’s self-heating facial mask, mitts and booties are designed to be used with Chaleur’s line of heat activated skincare products for an anti-aging boost with UV protection and can be layered over any currently used skincare products. 

Chaleur® heat-activated skincare products contain technologically advanced ThermalZyme® ingredients.  ThermalZyme® is a revolutionary heat-activated compound that is clinically proven to protect against UV and IR free radical damage, apple stem cells and advanced peptides to promote improved skin tone, texture and luminosity.

Just Add Water, Feel the Heat®

Brands: TECHNOLOGY MEETS BEAUTY IN A UNIQUE WAY CHALEUR BEAUTY has finally broken the beauty / technology barrier with the world’s first and only patented, self-heating skin therapy system.

 Press Releases

  • Las Vegas, Nevada -- Chad Law, industry entrepreneur and start-up enterprise specialist has taken a position as the Chief Marketing Officer for Forever Young Intellectual Property (FYIP). FYIP is a large cross-market technology-focused company that has recently joined the beauty industry after discovering that a three out of its hundreds of patents has incredible skin repair and aging prevention results.

    “I believe that intellectual property can now be 70-80 percent of an entire company’s valuation,” said Law.  “True innovation in the beauty, and anti-aging categories of consumer goods is nearly impossible to come by, which is what attracted me to FYIP.”

    Chad Law will join the Las Vegas based company immediately and plans to hit the ground running with a large consolidation of FYIP’s multiple brands and creating the appropriate divisions and teams needed to support their individual success. Some of these companies include: Lava Shells™, Lava Gel™, Chaleur Beauty™, Meltology™, Perfect Sense Paraffin™, and Loop™. Being the beauty maven Law plans on focusing on Chaleur Beauty for the first twelve months, while consolidating and forming strategies for the other brands.

    “It is such a privilege to build marketing and sales strategy around developed and truly innovative product versus the norm of marketing using trends to demand products from development that they can sell,” says Law.

    Chad will be working alongside CEO Dan Young, who has been an inventor for more than forty years.  He is the owner of hundreds of patents in multiple sectors of business. Dan’s most known for the invention of Lava Gel, a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that produce heat when mixed with water. This technology is used internationally today in every business sector from food to beauty and skin care.

    “It was really a no-brainer and perfect partnership. I invent new and innovative things, and Chad launches new and innovative businesses,” said Young. “I am really looking forward to working with someone who takes major risks and unique approaches to create viral brands people respect.”

    About Forever Young Intellectual Property

    FYIP holds over 50 patents in various spaces including food service, military equipment, beauty, and pharma. FYIP was founded by Dan Young, an award- winning inventor and revolutionary as it pertains to self-heating technologies. Forever Young Intellectual Property was established in 2013 and is a privately held company based Henderson, Nevada.  

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