Chromatic Labels - Logic Pakaging

Irvine,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 21099

Printed Flexible Packaging Film, Folding Cartons, Shrink Sleeves, Stand-Up Pouches, PS Labels.  Products produced are stick paks, boxes, sachets, pouches, bottle labels, hard to hold packaging films.


  • Chem Control Flexible Packaging Materials
    Many cosmetic products such as lotions, shampoo's, conditioners, and creams can contain ingredients which require more robust sealant and barrier properties. Chromatic has a solution to solve all challenges associated with these hard-to-hold ingredients!...

  • ChemControl Ultra and Ultra Plus have undergone stringent lab testing to verify their ability to contain today’s hard-to-hold applications that use more volatile ingredients. These flexible packaging materials resist permeation, absorption & attack by traditionally aggressive ingredients. They also provide outstanding gas barriers to oxygen, moisture, nitrogen & carbon dioxide. The performance of these new laminations make ChemControl products superior for packaging a wide range of personal care & cosmetics and essential oils. ChemControl Ultra is an acrylic-coated, PET-faced lamination w/ a unique chemical-resistant sealant. Impervious to volatile ingredients & non-absorbent for chemicals, Ultra was designed for dry goods, but is equally effective with gels and lotions. ChemControl Ultra is FDA compliant for direct food content. ChemControl Ultra Plus is an acrylic-coated, PET-faced lamination built for extreme chemical resistance. The structure has been designed to resist chemical reaction and/or absorption while being extremely impervious to volatiles and packet destruction. UltraPlus is also FDA compliant for direct food contact.

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