Plessisville,  QC 
  • Booth: A109

We buy over 20,000,000' of hardwood logs annually. We are looking for hard and soft maple,black walnut, cherry, yellow, white and blackbirch, red, black, white and chestnut oak, white ash, hickory.We have also set up a veneer program which works much like a COOP. One of our buyers willbe happy to explain how it works.

Because business is based on trust, each log is carefully measured by our experienced log scaler. Your trust is greatly appreciated and we think by the very fact that you deserve that your logs are measured properly. 

Transparency is important to us and we have nothing to hide. We have chosen to show all deductions made on your logs. You will see the net and gross footage on your invoice. An explanation on why a deduction was made will be on your tally.
We can use the measuring table of your choice (International, Doyle, Scribner andothers).

We sell lumber in every part of the world. Our reputation is based on quality aid it is recognized worldwide.