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DevOps and the Mainframe: Sense and Respond? Why Not Predict and Prevent?

  • Room: M301
  • Session Number: 19893
Tuesday, August 02, 2016: 11:15 AM - 12:15 PM


Jacob P. Ukelson


Monitoring does a great job of collecting and displaying system performance data. However in today’s market, monitoring is simply not enough – companies need accurate alerts and root cause data. This is especially valuable in handling issues arising from new mainframe usage paradigms that are driven by real-time end-user transaction systems and not just traditional backend transaction and batch processing. Also, many people with mainframe problem analysis skills are retiring - meaning that now is the time for every IT department to codify existing knowhow for the next generation of mainframe operations staff.

 By augmenting monitors with a “brain” capable of accurate anomaly classification and alerts tuned to your specific mainframe environment, and tying those alerts to deep dive analysis – today’s sense-and-respond can evolve into a more powerful mode of monitoring automation that we call predict-and-prevent. In this talk we’ll discuss the capabilities needed by such a brain, which makes it possible to decide which anomalies are important and warrant a response, which need to be watched more closely to gather more information and which can be ignored. (DOE5) (AD6) (ITSD10)

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