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603 Sweetland Ave
Hillside, NJ  07205-1799
United States
Phone: 908-686-3300
Fax: 908-686-0301

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Manufacturers of licensed toys, collectibles, and accessories.  Also produce Wizkids / Heroclix.  Some licenses include: The Hunger Games, Twilight/ Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter, ET, The Avengers, Gremlins, Jeff Dunham, Lord of the Rings, Assassins Creed, Predators, Gears of War, A Christmas Story, Borderlands, Army of 2, Bioshock, T2, Marvel, DC, Friday the 13th, Iron Maiden, The Walking Dead, etc.

Exhibit Staff:
Jonathan Bizzarro, Dave Wilson, Nicholas Ferreira, Elizabeth Barlow, Rachel Spring

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  • (128) Action Figures
  • (156) Collectibles
  • (184) Giftware
  • (199) Licensed Products
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