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Founded by Susan and Jay Weiss in 1996, Ark Naturals was created to answer the call for all-natural health and wellness products for companion animals. Started long before it was trendy to be “green” and “holistic”, Susan and Jay were inspired to create the company and its product line when a beloved family dog, Jordan, succumbed to cancer at 10 years old. According to Susan, Jordan was raised with ‘old thinking’ – supermarket pet foods, lots of shots and vaccines, and low quality treats. Already involved in the natural product business for humans, this experience opened their eyes to the benefits of natural pet health products.

Why Ark Naturals for Your Pets.

We’re proud of our formulas. Vets love the effectiveness and safety of our product, and so will your pets. Ark products are recommended and formulated by Dr. Nancy Scanlan DVM and Dr. C. Leigh Broadhurst Ph.D. As one of the oldest pet supplement companies we have over 20 years experience helping tens of thousands of dogs and cats.

All Ark products are manufactured in the USA in FDA/OTC and USDA/APHIS facilities. All our ingredients are premium human grade and are free of unwanted additives.

Ark No-No’s - corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives.

Ark Naturals is a founding member of the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council), a non-profit trade organization comprised of companies committed to providing health supplements and nutritional supplements of the highest quality for companion animals, primarily dogs, cats and horses. As an NASC audited company with an A+ rating we are permitted to use the NASC seal, your guarantee that we provide full ingredient disclosure, comply with adverse events protocols and maintain high levels of quality control.

Brands: Ark Naturals: Breathless Brushless Toothpaste, Joint Rescue, Omega Mender! Itch Ender!, HappyTraveler, Gentle Digest. Gray Muzzle Brushless Toothpaste, Old Dogs! Happy Joints!

 Show Specials

  • Simple Solutions -

    Gentle Digest Display

    Item #: 50008


    (6) Gentle Digest Capsules

    (6) Gentle Digest Soft Chews

    UPC #: 6-32634-50008-5

    Simple Solutions -

    “Anxiety & Nervous Behavior”

    Happy Traveler Display

    Item #: 50009


    (6) Happy Traveler Capsules

    (6) Happy Traveler Soft Chews

    UPC #: 6-32634-50009-2

    Simple Solutions -

    Flea Flicker Display

    Item #: 50011


    (12) Flea Flicker Tick Kicker

    UPC #: 6-32634-50011-5

    Simple Solutions—

    Omega Mender! Itch Ender


    Item #: 50014


    (9) Omega Mender! Itch Ender 8oz

    (10) Omega Mender! Itch Ender 16oz

    UPC#: 6-32634-50014-6

    Simple Solutions -

    Healthy Skin & Coat Display

    Item #: 55010


    (3) Neem ‘Protect’ Shampoo

    (3) Neem ‘Protect’ Spray

    (3) Royal Coat Omega Mender! Itch Ender

    (3) Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker!

    UPC #: 6-32634-55010 –3


    Simple Solutions -

    “A More Beautiful You”

    Spa Skin & Coat Display

    Item #: 55011


    (4) No Stains “Fur” Me

    (3) Don’t Shed On Me!

    (2) Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me!

    UPC #: 6-32634-55011-0

    Simple Solutions -Skin & Coat Grooming - Essentials Display

    Item #: 55012


     (3) Don’t Shed On Me!

     (4) Don’t Worry Don’t Rinse Me!

    UPC #: 6-32634-55012-7

    Simple Solutions -

    Joint Rescue #1

    Item #: 55030


    (6) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Beef

    (6) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Chicken

    UPC #: 6-32634-55030-1

    Simple Solutions -

    Joint Rescue #2

    Item #: 55031


    (4) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Beef

    (4) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Chicken

    (2) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Venison

    (2) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Lamb

    UPC #: 6-32634-55031-8

    Simple Solutions -

    Meat-Free Joint Rescue

    Item #: 55032


    (6) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Sweet Potato

    (6) Joint Rescue/Sea Mobility Cranberry

    UPC #: 6-32634-55032-5

    Simple Solutions -

    Dental Display #1

    Item #: 55035


    (4) Breathless Toothpaste sm/med

    (12) Breathless Toothpaste mini

    UPC #: 6-32634-55035-6