FS1 | Live Long and Prosper: Addressing the Realities of Longevity in Today’s Workplace

  • Room: Starvine 12 - 13
  • Session Number: FS1
Wednesday, April 04, 2018: 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


Kerstin Aiello CEBS
Benefits Manager
Beth Ewing
Director of Retirement Outreach & Education
FedEx Services
Michelle Ryan CEBS
Benefits and Investments Program Manager
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Megan Yost
Engagement Strategist
Benz Communications


Life expectancy continues to increase, but what does that mean for employee benefits? Helping employees become retirement ready is already a top concern for employers as an alarming number of Americans are not financially stable to retire by age 65. Employers now have a new — and unexpected — challenge to tackle: How to help employees finance their longer lifespans. With five generations in the workforce, financial-wellness strategies need to adapt to keep up with improving life expectancies. Megan Yost will share her insight on how employers can get ahead of the unintended consequences of living longer, while Kerstin Aiello, Beth Ewing and Michelle Ryan will detail the steps their organizations are taking to bring this about.


Learning Objectives

- Anticipate demographic trends and prepare for their impact on your organization
- Tailor your benefits and communication to the diverse needs of your employees
- Review the best ways to approach targeting programs and services to employees

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