Reducing Manual Materials Handling Injuries — A Prerequisite for World-Class Safety

  • Room: Champagne 2
  • Session Number: WS4
Tuesday, August 22, 2017: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM


Jeffrey Hoyle
Director of Ergonomic Services
North Carolina State University: The Ergonomics Center
Tim McGlothlin
Executive Director
The Ergonomic Center


Lifting. Pushing. Pulling. Holding. Carrying. Each of these manual materials handling (MMH) tasks could lead to overexertion, which is a leading cause of disabling injuries at work — accounting for nearly a quarter of all injuries. Before a company can be truly world-class, it must identify and reduce this MMH challenge. Mr. McGlothlin and Mr. Hoyle will explain how to evaluate the effectiveness of potential solutions prior to implementation. You’ll leave with instructional manuals and basic software.


Learning Objectives

Identify the risk factors and biomechanics that contribute to MMH injuries
Use NIOSH and Liberty Mutual guidelines to evaluate and reduce risk factors
Apply engineering and administrative controls to reduce the potential of MMH injuries