Prevention Through Design: Ergonomics for Engineers

  • Room: Versailles 1-2
  • Session Number: MH5
Thursday, August 24, 2017: 10:45 AM - 11:45 AM


Jeff Sanford
Director of Consulting
Kent Hatcher
Director of Consulting


Prevention through Design (PtD) is an initiative driven by recognized health organizations, including NIOSH and ASSE. The goal is to identify and prevent the introduction of hazards in the workplace, including those risk factors that cause musculoskeletal disorders. Companies with successful ergonomic processes engage their engineers to ensure poor ergonomic conditions are identified and controlled in both existing and future jobs and workstations. Engaging engineers, using currently available and valid ergonomic design guidelines, and having an effective design review process are critical elements of effectively preventing MSDs through good design. Hear how world-class companies are applying each of these elements, and how you can integrate these practices in your own company.


Learning Objectives

Recognize proven and cutting-edge approaches and tools to establish your own PtD process
Ensure new and modified workstations and tools are based on criteria of human performance
Identify gaps and strengths in your current PtD process