2017 Conference Details

A Data and Skills Driven Strategy: Cisco's Talent Cloud Empowering the Optimal Workforce

  • Room: Delfino 4106
  • Session Number: TM2
Wednesday, October 11, 2017: 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM


Ian Bailie
Senior Director People Plannin
Cisco Systems
Charles Doucot
VP & General Manager, HCM
Burning Glass


At the frontlines of technological innovation, Cisco needs to be an agile talent organization, capable of rapidly acquiring the emerging skills to keep ahead. As such, it invested heavily in its Talent Cloud to provide industry-leading infrastructure for engaging employees in learning. But, guiding employees toward building skills of greatest value to the company requires close alignment between corporate and HR strategy. Big data analysis has been the key to making it happen. Cisco analyzes millions of job postings every day — across sectors and geographies — to get a real-time view of the job market and to identify and stay ahead of market trends, including benchmarking their skill profile against key competitors and leveraging market forecasts to flag emerging skills. Additionally, big data analysis of Cisco’s jobs and talent base enables them to identify the skill gaps needed to bridge its workforce’s needs for the future. Find out how Cisco, by comparing employees’ existing skills to future needs, is engaging employees through skill and career development options, but also ensuring career and skill pathways are aligned to the company’s strategy and growth.