2017 Conference Details

Integration: The Answer to Mid-Sized Companies’ Data Needs

  • Room: Marcello 4502
  • Session Number: SM4
Thursday, October 12, 2017: 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Colleen Clark
Head of Optimistic People
Life is Good
Ryan Higginson-Scott
Manager People Operations & Sy
Jonathan Pecora
VP Talent & Culture
Matt Straz
CEO & Founder
Mai Ton


Mid-sized companies are growing twice as fast as enterprise and 50% faster than small businesses. Along with being the largest segment of U.S. companies, they are also the most willing to innovate and invest in new technologies. But with lean HR teams with small budgets, they are faced with the paradox of cutting costs to build a profitable company while attracting and retaining great talent in a more competitive environment. On average, mid-sized companies use nine different HR software applications, yet 24% of respondents to a recent survey cited "lack of integration" as their #1 technology-related pain point. To address this need, vendors targeting mid-sized companies are now opening their APIs and looking to integrate with other best-of-breed solutions. Hear from data-driven HR professionals leading small and mid-sized companies on which metrics they track and how the metrics impact their business, as well as what technologies they use to find and analyze this information.