2017 Conference Details

Looking Ahead: Where Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning May Take the Next Generation of HR

  • Room: Venetian Ballroom E & F
  • Session Number: TI4
Thursday, October 12, 2017: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Jack Berkowitz
VP Products & Data Science
Holger Mueller
VP & Principal Analyst
Constellation Research
Pat Reynolds
VP/CIO, Business Process Services
Moritz Sudhof
Senior Director
Ultimate Software


HR professionals have been looking at their HR technology solutions providers to be their trusted technology advisors and partners for a long time. But with important developments like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning disrupting best practices across the entire enterprise, the scope of the discussion about AI and ML has to move beyond just HR. This is your opportunity to hear from some of the leading and most innovative enterprise technology developers of AI and ML — organizations on the forefront — and what they think will be possible for tomorrow. You’ll leave with a better understanding of and more options for future HR best practices, as well as ideas for developing your HR technology investment strategy.