Strategies for Managing the Pandora’s Box of Comorbidities

  • Room: Islander F-H
  • Session Number: MM5
Thursday, December 07, 2017: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Richard Graham
Director Workers’ Compensation
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation
Eric Patten
Senior Director of Clinical
One Call Care Management


With 10,000 employees — many in sedentary roles — the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority has ample experience implementing risk management programs to mitigate comorbidities complicating injured-worker care. Eric Patten, a registered nurse who is highly experienced with diabetes education and catastrophic case management services, will set the stage, outlining the scope of co-morbidity challenges facing employers. Then Richard Graham will share the improved cost and medical outcomes derived from SEPTA’s key strategies, including aggressive case management, use of a doctor panel, wellness offerings, financial incentives and return-to-work objectives.


Learning Objectives

Summarize current comorbid conditions complicating injured-worker recovery
Define pre-loss and post-loss strategies for avoiding worst-case scenarios
Assess the role of risk-management services